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Public Health Confirms 44 New COVID-19 Cases, Capping County's Worst Week Since January

(July 23, 2021) Humboldt County Public Health confirmed 44 new COVID-19 cases today — making 169 for the week, the highest weekly tally since late January and a more than doubling of...

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Public Health Warns of Toxic Blue-Green Algae in Local Rivers

(July 23, 2021) Humboldt County Public Health officials are reminding local residents to be on the lookout for harmful algal blooms after a person fell ill after spending time in the South...

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Matthew Evan Yadley: 1967-2021

(July 23, 2021) Experimental chef and co-owner of Hurricane Kate’s restaurant in Old Town Eureka (he once created a satiric menu for an imaginary restaurant called Pilfer’s); X-ray technician in Eugene,...

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Drive-in Movie Fun at Redwood Acres

(July 23, 2021) Big Picture Movies presents The Majestic (2001) on Saturday, July 24 at 9 p.m. (gates at 7:45 p.m.) in the big lot across from Redwood Acres Fairgrounds. Filmed in...

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Get Your Motor Runnin'

(July 23, 2021) It’s summer and Fortuna does not know how to slow its roll. On the heels of a wild week of rodeo comes the 30th annual Fortuna Redwood AutoXpo, getting...

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HumCo Confirms 29 New COVID-19 Cases as Test-Positivity Rate Continues Upward Trend

(July 22, 2021) Humboldt County Public Health confirmed 29 new COVID-19 cases today — making 125 so far this week. Today's cases — which come after the county confirmed 84 new cases...

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Hoffman Warns Delta Variant is Infecting the Fully Vaccinated

(July 22, 2021) Humboldt County Health Officer Ian Hoffman said during a press conference yesterday the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant is circulating in Humboldt County, warning there’s growing evidence it can spread...

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Compleat Wrks Opens at NCRT

(July 22, 2021) In 2020, Hell itself breathed out contagion to the world, thus shutting down North Coast Repertory Theatre’s Hamlet on the very eve of its opening night. Thankfully, cast, crew...

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Public Health Confirms 27 New COVID-19 Cases, Two New Hospitalizations

(July 21, 2021) Humboldt County Public Health confirmed 27 new COVID-19 cases today — making 96 so far this week — as well as two new hospitalizations. Today's cases — which come...

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Photos: Baduwa't Festival Gathers the People

(July 21, 2021) Last Wednesday through Sunday, a memorable Baduwa't Festival: A Gathering of the People (formerly known as the Mad River Festival) took place in Dadiqhoughuk (Blue Lake) at Dell’Arte’s outdoor performance spaces....

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The Megadrought is Just One Factor Driving Up the Price of Your Bread

(July 21, 2021) A perfect storm of trouble—extreme dry conditions, a volatile commodity market, and climbing expenses—have millers and bakers passing on rising costs to customers. Last spring, pandemic-related supply chain issues...

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Public Health Confirms 23 New COVID-19 Cases, Three New Hospitalizations

(July 20, 2021) Humboldt County Public Health confirmed 23 new COVID-19 cases today — making 69 already this week — as well as three new hospitalizations, including one of a resident in...

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Blue-Green Algae Found on Trinity River

(July 20, 2021) Officials are urging people recreating on the Trinity River to exercise caution after a dog's recent death led to the discovery of a harmful algal bloom on the river. According...

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Four Jail Inmates Saved from Fentanyl Overdoses

(July 20, 2021) Humboldt County correctional deputies used the overdose reversal drug to save four jail inmates who had appeared to overdose on the highly potent opioid fentanyl over the weekend. "On...

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Thieves Are Stealing California's Scarce Water for Illegal Cannabis Farms

(July 20, 2021) One day last spring, water pressure in pipelines suddenly crashed In the Antelope Valley, setting off alarms. Demand had inexplicably spiked, swelling to three and half times normal. Water...

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Call for Submissions: Coloring Book Art

Deadline: Aug. 1, 2021

(July 20, 2021) Hey, artists! Team up with NCJ for our first-ever collaborative coloring book project. Proceeds from sales of this book will be shared between the contributing artists and NCJ to...

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Yurok Tribal Council Unanimously Rejects Proposed Purdue Pharma Opioid Settlement

(July 19, 2021) The Yurok Tribal Council voted unanimously last week to oppose the proposed bankruptcy settlement agreement and restructuring plan for OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma, saying it amounts to a “sweetheart settlement”...

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Pitching Prowess Leads Crabs to Hard Fought Victory

(July 19, 2021) The Crabs might have lost their nine-game winning streak on Saturday against the West Coast Kings but that didn’t stop them from enjoying a well earned series win against...

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Public Health Confirms 46 New COVID-19 Cases as Test-positivity Rate Continues to Rise

(July 19, 2021) Humboldt County Public Health reported today that it has confirmed 46 new COVID-19 since Friday, as well as a new hospitalization, as local infection rates continue to climb. The...

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California Moves to be First State to Fund Pilot Universal Basic Income

(July 19, 2021) Universal basic income was championed by Martin Luther King Jr., promoted by Silicon Valley citizens as the “social vaccine for the 21st century” and endorsed by 2020 presidential candidate...

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