<i>Peter and the Starcatcher</i> Shines at FRT

Peter and the Starcatcher Shines at FRT

(November 30, 2023) I wish more than a handful of people could have seen Jessie Gelormino as one of the best Cosettes I've had the pleasure to witness in Les Misérables. Her performance was...

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The Life of Galileo in Epic Style

(November 9, 2023) If one were to stage a Brechtian version of Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks would look directly into the camera and relinquish any evidence of his character to deliver the line,...

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Natural Shocks in the Storm of Gun Violence

(October 19, 2023) On the evening of the preview performance of Natural Shocks by Laura Gunderson, the lights went up on the small stage at Exit Theatre revealing semi-haphazardly strewn household miscellany —...

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Lysistrata's Raucous, Raunchy Rebellion at NCRT

(August 31, 2023) It's opening night of North Coast Repertory Theatre's sex comedy Lysistrata. The excitement is palpable with bouquets in the hands of proud parents eager to support their kids, actors' friends...

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Pintauro's Defining Moments at NCRT

(August 24, 2023) Joe Pintauro was an author, poet and prolific playwright in late 20th century New York. The eight plays in North Coast Repertory Theatre's Pintauro, A Night of One Acts...

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SpongeBob Soaks Up the Limelight

(August 10, 2023) Stephen Hillenburg attended what was then Humboldt State University in the early 1980s, about a decade before I did. He had a more impressive major than myself: natural resource planning...

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Kinky Boots Walks Tall at FRT

(June 8, 2023) The musical Kinky Boots, written by Harvey Fierstein (music and lyrics by Cyndi Lauper), is about the journey of self-expression fraught with internal and external barriers. And, yes, it's about...

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Crazy for Poetry

The Metromaniacs at NCRT

(May 25, 2023) I've written before about how the past is the ultimate foreign land, shrouded permanently by the forward nature of time in our particular dimension. We can read texts and compare...

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Camping in Hell

No Exit at NCRT

(May 11, 2023) Jean Paul Sartre was known for a great many things, chief among them is likely the creation of a quote as misunderstood as Friedrich Nietzsche's line about God being dead....

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The Timing's the Thing

The Book of Will at Redwood Curtain

(April 27, 2023) Timing and rhythm can turn a 90-minute masterpiece into a 120-minute dental experience. They make comedy gut-busting or obligatorily chuckling. They set up style, and era, and can even relate...

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Radium Girls Make Their Case

(March 30, 2023) The first decades of the American 20th century were filled with contradiction. In some rural corners, medicine shows hawked cold remedies that were a quarter alcohol and hair tonics that...

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Working Through Sister Act at FRT

(March 30, 2023) Being stuffed into folding chairs in the wheelchair section affirmed the mistake of not confirming my seat for Sister Act: The Musical at Ferndale Repertory Theatre. Turns out the early...

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Who's Your Venus?

Venus in Furs at NCRT

(March 16, 2023) It would be foolish to not see the limited run of Venus in Furs at North Coast Repertory Theatre. Also, what a shame that this is not a full run...

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By the Horns

Bull in a China Shop at Redwood Curtain

(March 9, 2023) Friday night at Redwood Curtain Theatre, we had our first glimpse of the fiery passion between Professor Wooley and her student Jeanette Marks as played by Natasha White and Caroline...

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When Fairy Tales Become Self-aware

Never After Happily at NCRT

(February 23, 2023) The fourth wall is fully and gleefully disassembled from the moment you arrive at North Coast Repertory Theatre for Never After Happily. Doc and Ella welcome the audience personally at...

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Struggles of The Elephant Man at FRT

(February 2, 2023) Ferndale Repertory Theatre set aside its regular spectacle of song and dance to produce a play that explores creativity and centers acting for its latest offering, The Elephant Man. The...

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