<i>Obituary</i>'s Black Heart

Obituary's Black Heart

(November 30, 2023) OBITUARY. There should be something like a Scoville scale for dark humor, gradations of blackness that range from, say, a No. 2 pencil to the underwing of a raven to...

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Thanksgiving is a Turkey

(November 23, 2023) THANKSGIVING. The scream and spatter of slasher movies hasn't spoken to me for most of my horror-viewing life. It's not the violence or the blood alone that turns me off...

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The Killer and Dicks Go Big

(November 16, 2023) THE KILLER. Given what we know — or think we know — about David Fincher, it is almost too tempting to see his latest as a smirking work of...

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Slow Build

The Royal Hotel and Slotherhouse

(November 2, 2023) THE ROYAL HOTEL. I was momentarily at a loss, Killers of the Flower Moon having left a rightful vacuum, both in terms of theatrical releases (who wants to follow that?)...

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The Evil that White Men Do

(October 26, 2023) KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON. In a recent profile for the Los Angeles Times, Marissa R. Moss refers to "the radical empathy" of Jason Isbell, the frequently mis-described artist whose...

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Good Luck, Ladies

Fair Play and No One Will Save You

(October 19, 2023) In my (lately frequent) absences, the Editor seems compelled to see and write almost exclusively about horror. I suspect the impetus for this is actually two-fold. Despite frequent, vociferous protestations,...

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Character Star

Reptile and Dahl via Anderson

(October 12, 2023) REPTILE. There are character actors and there are movie stars, and in between is Benicio Del Toro. Like many, I first became fully aware of Del Toro with The Usual...

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Dumb Money and The Creator

(October 5, 2023) DUMB MONEY. The big lie or the truth-at-large that remains largely unspoken, is that the stock market is any kind of democratic capitalist enterprise. By the logic of a casino,...

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It Lives Inside's Desi Demons

(September 28, 2023) IT LIVES INSIDE. As deeply as the tropes of teen horror movies are carved in the genre, a shift in perspective, in setting, in character can turn them on their...

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Poirot's Ghost in A Haunting in Venice

(September 21, 2023) A HAUNTING IN VENICE. I am both an Agatha Christie fan and philistine, coming to her stories second hand, via my mother's avid reading and BBC productions. Drinking tea with...

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The Nun II is a Holy Terror

(September 14, 2023) THE NUN II. I would like to begin by acknowledging mistakes were made. Calendar editor Kali Cozyris and I giddily planned a trip to the movies as soon as we...

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Back in the Fight

Mother's Day and Equalizer 3

(September 7, 2023) MOTHER'S DAY. In my zeal for streaming action movies out of Asia, I may have slept on Poland. The first five minutes of Mateusz Rakowicz's Dzien Matki, as it's...

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Gran Turismo's Sponsored Race

(August 31, 2023) GRAN TURISMO. How does one approach a project such as this one, for all intents and purposes a feature length advertisement for the Gran Turismo game (sorry, simulator) franchise, Playstation/Sony...

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Rabbit Holes and Shaggy Dogs

The YouTube Effect and Strays

(August 24, 2023) THE YOUTUBE EFFECT. As a Luddite, my contact with YouTube is infrequent, shallow and glancing: the occasional how-to, stand-up specials, squinty-eyed late-night music video ping-pong sessions, that's about it. Living...

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Vampires on a Boat

The Last Voyage of the Demeter

(August 17, 2023) THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER. Before the title character in Bram Stoker's 1897 epistolary novel Dracula drinks his way through England, he travels there on a ship called the...

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Bigger Sharks to Jump

The Meg 2 and Beanie Bubble

(August 10, 2023) THE MEG 2: THE TRENCH. Whether because or in spite of its unrepentant silliness (stupidity?), I found a lot to like about The Meg (2018). Jason Statham plying his acerbic...

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