Granny's Porch

(November 23, 2023) I barely remember seeing the night, Like an old, dry Autumn Not going away. Help me turn this knob, Sliding back, To the waiting moon, Eating at sunset's table. Let...

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Syrian Boy

(November 16, 2023) In the midst of tragedy and suffering there is the earth's insistent beauty. A Syrian boy sits Alone on a plastic chair Covered in soot His child hand wiping his...

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Lundbar Hills

(November 9, 2023) She dropped my hand to race with other Princesses, fairies, and ghosts In the middle of the street Glow sticks flashing, illuminating Piles Of candies, tricks, and treats. Halfway across...

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(November 2, 2023) Lounging in our beach chair The sun is slowly setting, As I recall all we've done Together... Somewhere, Someone Remembers our past And Carries it all outwards, Holding us so...

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(October 26, 2023) I watch a movie on Showtime - "Ghost" The characters unreel quietly and slowly. I've lost two husbands to the big "C"s - Cancer and Car Crash. I live alone...

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"What shall we name this newborn war?"

(October 19, 2023) What shall we name this newborn war, how honor its multi-national heritage? Shall we call it "Independence," after its father, or "Nakba," after its mother? Maybe "World War," after...

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(October 12, 2023) last week's respects     to august warmth are paid and spent and in october's deepening chill     boletes pop       emboldened from beneath the backyard meanwhile undrowning     in an airborne lake of fog...

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(October 5, 2023) The Geese It's a wondrous thing when their migration cycles back to our fields The sky filled with song of renewed faith and hope, Or is that me? A visceral...

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My Obituary

(September 28, 2023) When nothing becomes me And the mystery is done, Hummingbirds will continue To feed on the endless florets Dangling in that wistful tree Where I would sit for hours Alone,...

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It's Coming

(September 21, 2023) Autumn is flying in On the wings of banded pigeons Gathering as they do As the days grow shorter. It's ripening With apples, pears, and blackberries Fragrant in the late...

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About change

(September 14, 2023) summer excuses itself & steps out onto the porch for one last look at the falling sun before taking up with the fog muttering something indecipherable about the allure of...

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Late Summer

(September 7, 2023) Yellow leaves litter our camp in under the pepperwoods. Dust rests atop the meadow's tinder-dry grasses. Fine silt rises with each flip-flop-clad footstep down to the river. Dwindling flow lengthens...

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The Weeds I Can't Reach

(August 31, 2023) There's a big Black fly in my house. It passes behind me, In front of me, Beside me, careening wildly, Never seeming to settle Where I could get a good...

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Final Words

(August 24, 2023) As the Sun rises Blindly touching what matters, My heart is soaring. Kirk Gothier...

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(August 10, 2023) This life  This year    This month     This week      This day Someone has stirred up The rhythms of our worldy existence And left it swirling     Twirlin  ...

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