Duane Flatmo's Career in Flames

(July 1, 2024) IF YOU HAD ASKED A YOUNG DUANE FLATMO where he would be in his 60s, there is little chance his answer would have been where he finds himself these days,...

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Look to Your Culture

Artist Lyn Risling shares her journey

(December 8, 2022) Soft spoken and silver haired Lyn Risling is many things: teacher, activist, historian, linguist, mother, grandmother and dancer, to name a few. To the larger Humboldt County community, she is...

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Shoshanna Rose is helping
keep events alive and sparkling

(June 15, 2022) "I love it when people get together and make wonderful things happen," said Rose "Shoshanna" Anthony, a dancer, teacher, kids' party planner and longtime Arcata resident. Surprisingly, COVID-19 provided...

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Cacao Cocoon’s
Sweet Mission

(September 20, 2021) Food is more than what you eat — it’s also about people and the planet. For local chocolatiers Elissa Verdillo and Zach Funk, these values guide Cacao Cocoon, which...

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