Sushi Blue Ups a Casino's Game

(December 8, 2022) Walk Into Sushi Blue, the sushi bar in Blue Lake Casino in the small town of Blue Lake, and no questions are necessary. Chef Jacob Talbert knows. Plate after plate...

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Brunch at the Pub

(June 15, 2022) In its way, brunch is the most luxurious of meals out. The elements can be as basic as eggs and potatoes, though upping the ante with Champagne is always...

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Down Home at Fat Anne’s Bakery & Bistro

(September 20, 2021) Before you dig into your plate of shrimp and grits at Fat Anne’s Bistro, or take the point off your lemon meringue pie, take a moment to appreciate the...

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Tandoori Bites

Hometown flavors — Punjab to Eureka

(January 16, 2020) At lunchtime, the row of 15 brass chafing dishes along the wall at Tandoori Bites glows, brimming with aromatic yellow rice, deep red tandoori chicken, fried clusters of vegetable...

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