Humboldt's Got Style

(July 27, 2015) Our county’s residents boast a variety of styles, but when it comes to looking your Humboldt-est, we don’t think anyone does it better than Eureka's Traci and Barney Barnwell,...

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Rolled, Rocked and Raised

(July 27, 2015) Journal contributor Jennifer Savage emceed this year's Roll on the Mattole, the Honeydew Volunteer Fire Company's annual fundraiser. Also in attendance was Journal staff writer — and Honeydew native — Linda...

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Marsh Homeless' Eviction Notice is Today, What's Going to Happen?

(July 27, 2015) “The main thing is to get people here so we can connect as a community,” said Roger Pryor as he laid out bowls of taco fillings on Wednesday, July 22....

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HumBug: Tiny and Primitive

(July 26, 2015) If you have sharp eyes or good glasses, pick up a potted plant and you might see a tiny gray thing, not much larger than the period at the...

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Bigger Numbers or Just Better Data? Point in Time Count is Out

(July 24, 2015) The Humboldt Housing and Homeless Coalition released a final draft of its Point in Time Count today, which you can find here. While the overall figures seem to indicate...

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Arcata's Best Chile Relleno, Determined

(July 24, 2015) Okay, lovers of Mexican food, we heard you. You said last week's entry into the Arcata bracket, the eggy, crepe-y delish dish from Fiesta Grill and Cantina, was inadequate competition...

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Skilled Nursing Facilities Now Taking Patients

(July 24, 2015) Lisa Ciccanti, spokesperson for St. Joseph Hospital, confirmed that local skilled nursing facilities have begun accepting patients from the hospital again. St. Joseph had previously been told by the facilities'...

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Roll With it, Baby

(July 24, 2015) Ever wonder what it takes to fight back flames and keep a community safe — entirely by the hands of hard-working volunteers? Evidently, a big ol' party. Head out to...

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Rumble in the Redwoods

(July 24, 2015) It's summertime and the sun is shining on classic cars and tricked out trucks revving for the Fortuna Redwood AutoXpo (free). Check out the Chevelle-load of Corvettes and Camaros at...

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To the Buzzer

(July 22, 2015) The 94th annual Fortuna Rodeo rode into the sunset on Sunday, July 19. Horses, firetrucks, bands and floats made their way down Main Street for the parade, and kids...

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That's All, Folklife

(July 21, 2015) The Humboldt Folklife Festival picked, strummed, hooted and harmonized all the live-long day at the free concert finale at Dell'Arte International on Saturday, July 18. This was the 37th...

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Humbug: Two Different Strategies for Prosperity

(July 19, 2015) I can be sure it's summer now that I’ve seen two of my favorite butterflies. Considered as a pair, they show two very different survival strategies. One is gaudy, covered...

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Chile vs. Chile: The Arcata Standoff

(July 19, 2015) As discussed last week, chile relleno appears to come in a spectrum. We've been treated to both the traditional Poblano pepper wrapped in batter and the equally sabroso omelet-style yumminess. Our...

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Controversial Place Names in Humboldt County

(July 17, 2015) Last week we ran a story which dipped briefly into the history of Larabee Creek — named for a participant in the Indian Island massacre. Local historian, author and...

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Sewing the Seeds of Love

(July 17, 2015) There are only a few things that embody the heart, comfort and beauty of a home more than a quilt. Those soft, fabric sandwiches of love stitched together with...

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Play on Players

(July 16, 2015) If opera al fresco on a temperate north coast night sounds like a slice of heaven to you, plan to be at Redwood Park this weekend for the next...

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#Arcata24HR: A Day in the Life

(July 15, 2015) Local photographer Leon Villagomez recently pulled an all nighter in his Arcata home. As he sat in front of his computer processing photos, the sounds of the night trickled in:...

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UPDATE: Local Palliative Care Outfit Launches Pilot Program

(July 15, 2015) UPDATE: ResolutionCare has launched its education portion, Project ECHO, in a nine-month pilot program, also in conjunction with Partnership HealthPlan of California.  Project ECHO uses a hub and spoke model...

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Racism Behind the Redwood Curtain Part III: Sorry, Not Sorry

(July 14, 2015) Although Confederate flags do appear on the occasional barn wall, truck bumper or window, Humboldt County had no real role in the Southern cause. But the War of the States...

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(UPDATE: POSTPONED TILL TUESDAY) Monday Night Setlist: The Brilliant Kind of Odd

(July 13, 2015) UPDATE: According to the event's Facebook page: "Somehow related to the stock market glitch, Chinese stock market crash, United Airlines being grounded and The Wall Street Journal crashing this date...

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