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What's Most Important? 


I've learned here on the North Coast through personal experience that, when it comes to letters to the editor, you can't know that what you're reading is what was written. Enough can be edited out by the paper as to have the letter end up saying something completely different than what was intended. Also, I don't know for sure letter writers are given the chance to name their letters or if that is the papers' decision.

I say all of this to say in Mr. Parrs' letter to the editor in the Aug. 29 issue of the NCJ, the heading given to it was "Do These People Not Matter." A heading that would have a reader presume that the victims of drug war and gang violence in the inner cities were the primary point of his letter. I'm not saying he is not concerned about the victims and what their families must go through, I have no reason to doubt what he says in the last two paragraphs of his letter. But it seems when he states very straightforwardly, "... then, and only then will I listen ...," that that part of his letter is the part most important, to him.

Gregory Downing, Arcata

Editor's note: It is the Journal's policy to lightly edit letters to the editor solely for grammar, spelling and clarity. We endeavor never to change the author's intended meaning, though we do select the headings printed above each letter.

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