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I live in Arcata and strongly support Michael Winkler for re-election to the City Council.

One of my biggest concerns for the future is climate change, and Michael stands out as someone whose impact on reducing our local carbon footprint outsizes the jurisdiction he serves. In 2005, Michael pushed our local Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) to start the community choice energy program that is now its signature service.

Under Michael's leadership, Arcata adopted practices and formal goals to reduce its carbon emissions now and into the future. On the board of RCEA, Michael led the agency to adopt the ambitious goal of clean and renewable electricity by 2025.

Michael has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, the local Building and Construction Trades Council, the Operating Engineers Local Union Number 3 and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 551.

Please join me in re-electing Michael Winkler.

Valerie Gizinski, Arcata


My name is Travis R. Low and I have lived in Fortuna my entire life. I was the owner and operator of Low's Furniture for over 40 years. I can say I am deeply rooted in the Second District.

Estelle came to me during her first election term and introduced herself and asked for my support as our Second District Supervisor. I have witnessed her ability to communicate in many different situations facing our Second District.

Estelle has more than met those challenges and having an office located in the Fortuna Veteran's Building has made her available at any given time to meet with the public. Estelle is caring, concerned and forthright in her ability to continue to represent all of Second District, her success speaks loudly. Please join me in voting for Estelle Fennell for Second District Supervisor.

Travis R. Low, Fortuna


Supervisor Fennell works hard for our Second District. She is a great supporter of our local fire service, mental health and is involved in most every aspect within our diverse district. She has kept us updated during this COVID-19 pandemic and has more than kept us informed on the fire conditions around us. She was updating the fire information the other evening past midnight. She is a hard worker who deserves another term. I urge you to re-elect supervisor Estelle Fennell.

Dave Nicholson, Hydesville


The understatement of today is, "These are difficult times." The COVID-19 challenges, the largest wildfires recorded, the failing economy, limited health care and the division of our nation due to "leaders" who do not lead. Estelle Fennell is a good leader, a rare commodity today.

We have been involved with the local volunteer fire services for close to 30 years.

Estelle has been responsive to our needs. It takes experience to run our local government. It takes connections and relationships built over the years to bring results for our problems and needs.

Estelle helped our village of Fruitland Ridge when we were struggling to form a viable Fire Protection District. Her knowledge of district formation in today's fire world is an essential skill. Reliable funding in fire protection is and can be a life saver.

We endorse Estelle Fennell for Humboldt County Second District Supervisor 2020.

Deb Lake, Myers Flat


Firestorms. Plague. Isolation. With so many extinction events evoking a sense of apocalypse, it is difficult to focus on the November election. Still, I want to add my voice to the many writing in support of Estelle Fennell's re-election as county supervisor for the Second District.

Estelle has shown herself to be very committed to seeing this county and in particular her district through these turbulent times. Her professionalism, coalition-building skills, integrity, boundless energy and unprecedented accessibility have contributed to her many successes as our representative. There is still much work to be done. Estelle will build on this foundation, working with the creative and resourceful citizens of the Second District to move forward with a model of community-based renewal and recovery.

It is said, "Action is the antidote to despair." Voting is hope in action. Democracy demands that we follow our vote by continuing to hold those elected accountable.

Lorraine Carolan, Briceland


Humboldt County is in desperate need of continued successful leadership and that is exactly why I will vote once again for Estelle Fennell for Second District supervisor. 

One issue that is continually challenged is funding for our emergency services here in Humboldt County. Estelle tirelessly advocates for our law enforcement, fire departments and first responders over all, realizing that these services are key for Humboldt. This is why she is endorsed by first responders.

Estelle also works hard to bring new and improved infrastructure to Humboldt such as bridges, bus services, airport projects and broadband, just to mention a few.

Nobody has worked harder on the Potter Valley project. She sits on the Russian-Eel River commission and has looked after the interest of Humboldt County's valuable Eel River resources. 

I endorse Estelle Fennell for Second District supervisor for the continuous successful leadership in Humboldt County.

Ryan Rice, Fortuna


Born and raised in Eureka, Joellen Clark-Peterson graduated from U.C. Santa Cruz and returned to Humboldt County beginning her professional career focusing on community development, collaboration and communication. Her recent job as the director of the Arcata Chamber of Commerce and her current position with the N. California Small Business Development Center are examples of this career path.

 At the same time, Joellen is not shy of new life journeys. Her first international trip was with the Peace Corps where she signed up to go to Romania, which, by the way, was to be her first airplane experience! While there, Joellen initiated an interchange with her students in Romania with Alice Birney School in Eureka and received support of supplies from the College of the Redwoods for the girls' basketball club she started.

 Joellen will bring a wealth of experience, energy, and enthusiasm to McKinleyville Community Services District. Please vote for Joellen Clark-Peterson. Thank you.

 Linda Doerflinger, McKinleyville


The McKinleyville Teachers Association is proud to announce our endorsement of incumbents Nicholas Som and Manuel Fonseca for the McKinleyville Union School District Board of Trustees. It is not common for a teachers union to endorse board candidates and is not something we take lightly.

We have taken this unprecedented step because these two candidates have led us wisely through these past few months of crisis as we grappled with the effects of COVID-19 on our educational system. They have listened to, and actively sought out, input from all constituents, consistently asked the right questions of the district and made difficult decisions based on facts. Through all of this, they have unerringly kept their vision on the future of our district and how to best support our students academically and holistically as we move forward.

Som and Fonseca are in it for the long haul. They are not "one issue" candidates. Being a board member is a difficult and often thankless job. Please join the educators of McKinleyville in voting for tried and true leadership: Nicholas Som and Manuel Fonseca.

Phyllis Nolan, McKinleyville


On Sept. 16, 2017 there was an arson fire at one of Arcata's town landmarks, the Presbyterian Church on the corner of 11th and G streets. Fortunately, it was a busy Saturday night with people walking by at around 9 p.m. While one witness called 911 about the fire, another ran to the local fire station and rang the on duty firefighters. The Arcata Fire Department was able to get to the fire quickly and extinguish the blaze before the fire reached the inside. We could have lost the whole church building. Timing was everything.

Measure F will help fund the Arcata Fire Protection District's three fire stations. Having all three fire stations open allows for a minimum of time for firefighters to respond to a call. On behalf of members of the Arcata Presbyterian Church, please vote yes on F on Nov. 3.

Lee Dedini, Bayside

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