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Hoover: Damn Hoover: Damn Eastwood's biopic is meh, along with everything else this week November 17, 2011

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  • Pas de Deux

    Streep and Jones rekindle magic while Ferrell and Galifianakis phone in The Campaign
  • Black 'n' Sassy

    Will Smith cracks wise to aliens, plus old and wise beats young and dumb
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  • Hit! Miss!

    Battleship is a guilty pleasure, but The Dictator doesn’t rule
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  • Twisted Horror

    Cabin brilliantly tweaks a genre, plus Ewan’s dreamy brogue and lots of broken bones
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  • The Tao of Jeff

    A stoner mystic trumps Snow White redux and ambivalent parenthood
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  • Close Encounters

    Glenn dazzles in drag while Paul Rudd charms and Navy SEALs recruit
  • Film Festivus

    From Cruise to tattoos, Tintin to aliens, here's your holiday movie grab bag
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  • You've Been Warned

    Sitter brings the sex, drugs and chuckles, but New Year's Eve is simply awful
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