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Toni Louise Farrar: 1950-2022

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Toni Louise Farrar, nee Creason, lived her entire life in Eureka. She seemed to know everyone and it seemed everyone knew her. She was someone who brightened every room she entered. You couldn’t help but smile when you were around her. She was generous with her time and never turned down a request for help. Her talents were many. She played a mean game of racquetball. She was quick to the ball and accurate with her shots.She ran trail ultramarathons —
some were 50 milers while the rest were 50ks. And she usually placed well. She also ran many marathons and lots of shorter runs. She loved Irish step dancing and for more than 10 years practiced most weeks and performed multiple times each year. One of many highlights was a performance with her troupe at her wedding. She was practically an expert on antique furniture and loved to fill her home with unique pieces of the home’s period. The outside and inside of her home appeared like it was back in 1901. She enjoyed her pups and played with them at every opportunity. One pup followed her around like a bodyguard and tended to behave like one too. Rowing with HBRA was another delight. She could handle an oar but also enjoyed being the voice ( coxswain ) calling the strokes for an eight. She also enjoyed the regattas that HBRA entered. Her life was filled with people, activities, and things that she adored. It’s doubtful there was anyone who upon meeting Toni felt less than wonderful in her presence. Her large family misses Toni (wife, sister, mom, grandmaand great grandma) every minute of every day. As seems certain of her friends. It’s too bad karma and its ilk aren’t real else people like Toni would live to be 100. 
— Forever Love, Wayne

Mom started raising her children at 16. She devoted herself completely to her family at that point and dealt with her family by herself for much of the next 21 or so year span. She sacrificed all her time and effort to give her children the safest and best home she could. I will never forget this and, as a parent and husband, I’m not sure how she was able to do what she did. She was a mere 4’9” tall but a giant in her drive, self-discipline and compassion. Johnie, I always felt the best part of being my partner is that you got my mom, too. She was the most giving and caring person I’ve ever known. She worried about everybody, especially her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I am so grateful that later in life she met Wayne and she had the life that they did. Mom was able to go on adventures and see things that she probably never thought she would do or see. She was able to create the Victorian home of her dreams and experience the freedom to pursue activities she might not have done otherwise. She had great travels with her sister and family: going to the Hawaiian Islands, Alaska, and Europe. I don’t think these would have happened without Wayne in her life. She was very active and always doing something. Cancer definitely slowed and knocked her down but she was always giving life 110 percent. I think she inspired everyone around her. Though she was goofy an clumsy, she put in so much effort that you could only smile and laugh when you were around her. The people she worked with, rowed with, did estate sales with, had garage sales with and Irish danced with, these are the people who spent most of the time with her for the last 25-30 plus years of her life. They know these things more than myself or anyone besides Wayne. I miss her so much. It’s hard to think of what all her friends have felt and gone through since her passing. … We all miss and love you forever Mom.
— Loving son, Todd
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