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High Time 


I was intrigued with the March 12 "Week in Weed" ("Rabbits with Habits"). DEA agent Matt Fairbanks testified in the Utah Senate against medical marijuana. Obviously, as cannabis wars grind to a desultory, ignominious end, proponents and troops in that war grasp at whatever straws remain in the public opinion blitz. I almost, but not quite, feel sorry for Agent Fairbanks. Almost. Agent Fairbanks bemoaned the fate of a little bunny, poor thing, hopping around in an alleged marijuana stupor while DEA agents removed his food supply. I wonder if it was a pale bunny, perhaps a white rabbit, as in the iconic Jefferson Airplane tune: "White Rabbit." Come on, Agent Fairbanks (now there's a strain name), get ready to feed your head, get ready to take a "drink," just like Elliott Ness (Kevin Costner) in the movie. Time to lighten up, man. We have come full circle.

Timothy Crlenjak, Eureka

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