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We appreciated your recent article on the mountain lion cub (“Of Cubs and Men,” May 15). We were happy to be able to clarify the situation.

There are a few points, however, that we think should be mentioned. The Humboldt Wildlife Care Center had no say in the decision-making process regarding the eventual plan for this cub. When it comes to mountain lions, California Department of Fish and Game determines the outcome of any case. The Humboldt Wildlife Care Center does its best for each and every creature we take in. We will continue to do so, whether it be for a mountain lion, a raccoon, an osprey or a goldfinch.

During the 10 hours the mountain lion cub was in our care, volunteers were with it the entire time, feeding and warming the animal. We ended up spending over $100 in veterinary care for the cub, including an exam, fluids and pain medication. This was just one of the over 800 creatures we care for every year. In fact, we have already spent close to $2,000 just in veterinary bills this year, and that’s after a very generous discount from Arcata Animal Hospital. The Humboldt Wildlife Care Center gets no government funding and exists solely on the generous support of the community and our volunteers. If anyone is interested in supporting us in any way, please call our hotline at 822-8839 or e-mail us at [email protected].

John Kelsey, HWCC Board President

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