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Better ‘Best Of'? 


I guess it was too much trouble to include the address and phone number of every winner you reviewed for best bakery, restaurant, ice cream etc? ("Best of Humboldt," Sept. 20.) Oh well that's what the Yellow Pages are for right?

As far as your choice of best Asian restaurant goes (you can look up the name and address in your article), the last time I ate there (a month or two ago) the food was swell but the service was totally crappy, they only got one out of two dishes correct and refused to admit it was their fault (much less offer to do anything about it), then when we gave them $30 for a $22 tab we had to ask for change. I guess they figured an $8 tip was totally justified for their totally crappy service. Oh well, go figure, right? (pun intended)

BTW the North Coast Journal is a great publication. Keep up the good work (and give us some addresses and phone numbers next time)!

Roy Henock, Eureka

In your "Best of" issue, you failed to mention the newest food on wheels in Humboldt -- bet it wins next year. It is Nature's Serving. It offers Mediterranean foods with handmade pita -- yes, baked right on the truck. You can get a sandwich or a full plate, a salad or something sweet -- how about a mango/lime/chili popsicle with caramel center -- or a blackberry/cardamom with chocolate/nut center? Where else in Humboldt you gonna get that???

All its items are made fresh daily and use locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. This is a seriously mobile food truck so you need to check its locations on its web site. Whether you're a vegan or a carnivore, whether you wanna "travel" to Istanbul, Salerno or Tel Aviv, it will have something to please. Nope, I don't own it and I don't work for it -- but such awesome food! Great prices, too.

Nan Abrams, Eureka

I recently was contacted by someone doing a study of why people choose to live where they do. (She is open to hearing from other people who can contact her at [email protected].) In light of your "Best of Humboldt" issue, I would like to share my "story," which I told her:

I live in Eureka, Calif., for a number of reasons. I love and appreciate how there is a great music/arts/culture scene! There is an abundance of beautiful nature here in Humboldt County, including magnificent redwood forests and coast. There are many people who I regard as "kindred spirits" (liberal people, activists and fellow musicians in an impressive variety of styles of music). I live here because, for me, the climate is ideal: not too hot and not too cold. I also appreciate how there is lots of access to very good organic, healthy and delicious food, including chocolate and locally roasted coffee. Finally, perhaps above all, this feels like my place in the world.

Seabury Gould, Eureka

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