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Honor and Praise Native People 


There is a tremendous amount of sick sniveling going on here in Liberal Country. The column by Tony Platt ("Trinidad, Do the Right Thing," Jan. 4) goes on with the "same thing," deriding local history. Get over it. Humboldt has gone the way all America did, by belittling native people and culture. Whites thought they were demeaning native culture, and put it down at every turn. Looking back at local treatment of native folks shows a sorry legacy. 

Much more important, however, is the awakening of locals to the depth and value of native people. I personally moved here in a tipi and have more native gifts and artifacts than any white guy in our county. Instead of making a living dredging up the past, like Tony does, I think locals would do well to join others in praising the entire native community here. Land, homes, casinos, holidays, tribal awareness, college courses, all point to the way locals are seeking a new way, a way that praises and glorifies the native people. 

Humboldt leads the way, nationally, by glorifying native culture, and putting it up at every turn. It is held high and praised whenever spoken of locally. The number of tribes and the ways that they are on native land and held high, is fantastic.

I say put the Tonys of this world at arms length, and notice the praise and honor given to tribes here. Quite simply, we lead the nation in this, and must extend and honor our lengthy praise of the native people. 

Joshua Kinch, Eureka

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