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The most recent decisions and actions of the Journal's publisher should be of concern to regular readers ("Media Maven," Dec. 26).

Maintaining a high quality of journalism requires the staff of a paper to have a harmonious workplace and business plan standards that ensure integrity and quality of the reporting. Without the latter, the former isn't possible.

Judy Hodgson is only deluding herself if she thinks monetizing the news content, no matter how cleverly done, won't be detrimental to the quality of reporting and editorializing. The Journal is not immune to the corrupting effects of mingling the news side with the business side, and for a publisher of her caliber to think so is pure hubris.

I for one thank former editor Carrie Peyton Dahlberg for piloting the Journal at a time when the publisher evidently became convinced she can compromise journalism standards without harming the paper. Without the navigation skills and resolve Carrie brought to her job, it appears the Journal's flight path will continue to be a gradual shallow glide downwards towards becoming just one more mediocre theme-driven weekly shopper.

If Ms. Hodgson loves the Journal as much as one assumes she does, I hope she will realize, upon some honest and deep introspection, that the time has come to pass the torch to a new publisher with the same passion, zeal and commitment to top notch journalism she has up until now brought to her job, someone who will carry on the traditions that have been built with so much care and thoughtfulness. The Journal is a remarkable gift Ms. Hodgson has given this community and we are the better for it. She should trust that we readers will both demand that her standards be maintained by future publishers and that we will support the paper's advertisers.

Jud Ellinwood, Eureka

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