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Congratulations to Ryan Burns on his article "No Growth" ("Week in Weed," Dec. 19). Why the Eureka City Council or the Board of Supervisors cannot see the "green" mine that is at their feet is puzzling. A mine which could help if not solve our area's economic depression. The "Humboldt" name is known worldwide as creating some of the best cannabis genetics in the world and our leaders seem to do nothing toward the promotion/legalization of this world-renowned product.

Land/environmental abuse by growers should be dealt with by the fullness of the law but what about our good growers? These are the people that have made the Humboldt name known from San Francisco to New York City to Europe as growing some of the finest cannabis in the world. We should be embracing (it is not going away) our largest cash crop. Cannabis accounts for one-quarter to one-third of our economy. Isn't it time we promoted the beneficial aspects that can come from our plants especially when compared with the "legal" drugs?

Think of the businesses, jobs and income generated by a half dozen world-class cannabis facilities like Napa vineyards have done with wine. Instead our leadership sits on their hands and watches Washington and Colorado manage a market which, by Colorado's figures, is creating $14 million just for local budgets, let alone county and state.

As Burns' article explains, we are already falling behind. The Emerald Cup ("Emerald" from the Emerald Triangle for both recognition and quality of product) was in Sonoma and won by a grower from Monterey from seeds that came from the Netherlands (second and third place went to Sonoma and Mendo — thank you Mendo).

Plans agreed upon by growers, business and political leaders that are bold and proactive for legalization, promoting and implementing our world class product, need to be made as soon as possible.

Rick Brennan, Eureka

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