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'A Form of Bullying' 


I appreciate that Jennifer Savage raised the issue of how the internet and social media distort our perceptions ("Making Change: The Internet, the self in the shadow," April 25). It is an important topic that deserves more coverage. Unfortunately, by choosing to focus on Naomi Klein's mischaracterization of Naomi Wolf and her work, Savage amplified that distortion.

In the article, Wolf is simply labelled as a "conspiracy theorist." There is no explanation given for dismissing her with this derogatory term. What I know is that Wolf worked tirelessly to bring the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial documents to light. This is the data that the FDA perused for only four months before licensing the vaccine, but asked for 75 years to fully release, when they received a Freedom Of Information Act request. When a judge ordered them to release the documents in our lifetime, a large team of medical professionals went to work analyzing the documents, and Wolf reported the findings as widely as she was able to reach. That is called journalism. To label it as "conspiracy theories" is bizarre. 

The media outlets that ignored this important story displayed poor journalistic judgement and ethics. To deride Wolf for publicizing this information is a form of bullying. The readers of the NCJ deserve better.

Amy Gustin, Ettersburg

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