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Re: “Jason Singleton Responds

This is too cute. I used to think that Humboldt was a place worthy of saving... until I turned 10 years of age... then I realized that Humboldt is just too comfortable in it's horrible state. I always tell myself that the worst thing a man can do to himself is become TOO COMFORTABLE. What makes a politician corrupt? TOO COMFORTABLE with crime. What makes a prisoner? A MAN TOO COMFORTABLE IN HIS CELL.

These businesses had 20 years to reform their buildings to accommodate the disabled. That is plenty of time. Jason Singleton is just doing his job. How can you hate a man who is simply trying to help disabled people? What are the disabled people supposed to do? Avoid your business while you give them hyper-aggressive stares hoping that they don't call a lawyer? Eureka, CA is a pathetic pile of shit along with the rest of Humboldt. We need a STRONG LEADER who is NOT LOCAL. We need a DA who isn't some spineless populist coward. Prostitution, drugs, murder, low-lives, crappy businesses, etc. 20 years to fix their buildings and they REFUSE. I'm not going to accept bitching as an answer. What cowardly filth! I one time saw a man who lost his leg being forced to crawl up the steps of the RTS transit. If that was in LA county that driver would've lost his job! It seems most of the jobs in Humboldt are just desperately held down by people SQUATTING and the employers can do whatever they want with their employees... mainly because they're so many other desperate unemployed people who will do anything to get that said job.

Humboldt has absolutely no idea what it's doing. Other counties have solved this problem long ago. It seems like Humboldt is stuck in the 1930's. We have the KKK, Nazis, gender norms (my long hair is seen as "intimidating" to many locals.... LOL,) homophobia (people who think long hair = homosexuality,) people who use the word "Jew" as an insult (people who call me a "Jew" because they think I'm gay because I have long hair......,) people who believe that homosexuality is contagious (people who think that Homosexuality is somehow linked to Judaism even though I explained that homosexuality was present thousands of years before the Hebrew occupied Palestine,) businesses that have not been updated since the 60's, crappy education, weed is the chief export, we even have de facto segregation as I mainly see black people in poor districts in Eureka and black people in hollowed out meth communities like Loleta.... they're all forced into the GHETTO! LMAO! What is this? The 1960's in Alabama? Does anyone have the spine to challenge the NORM or are you TOO COMFORTABLE?

Humboldt is clearly not in good hands. Time to grow the fuck up.

You had your chance Humboldt. You simply just lacked the spine to actually bring any change. What Humboldt has is *CAREER POLITICANS WHO HAVE NO INCENTIVE TO BRING ANY CHANGE.* They squat in their city councils expecting the same old loyal voters to keep them in power year after year. Clearly there is no leadership. Anytime I bring up the problems Humboldt has they call me a "whiner." I've seen this county for 20 years do absolutely nothing... blaming homeless people for a crumbling and ineffective government caused by stupid leadership at the city councils, blaming criminals even though if you really think it's really the broken education system and the worthless teachers unions who free ride knowing full well that they can squat all they want without actually putting effort into teaching. Funny thing is that anyone who blames the criminals are too stupid to lead. You really going to waste our time blaming criminals when it was the lack of community support or the fact that the so called "Jobs" are fucking worthless? LOL. Who elected these people? So far at this point they are just mouth pieces saying stupid shit. Where's the leadership? What kind of leader BLAMES? Might as well just blame the Jews for anything that doesn't make sense seeing as though we're not going to have the maturity to accept OUR PROBLEMS... instead lets BLAME the OTHER GUY. Scapegoat!!!!

When our city leaders pull this shit like, "HURRR DURR OMG DA LA'ERS R DUN CREMANELS!" then it's clear they are not smart enough to lead.

Funny thing is that once I leave this county I'm going to completely forget everything about this place. This county is so forgettable. It's like some wanna-be Neo-Nazi racist white continental America meets the prairie lands of Mid-America. There's even some pretentious Victorian era themes that just end up making me laugh. Most bizarre aspect of Humboldt is that the cities are so damn far away..... why is Eureka like 10 miles from Fortuna? Mckinleville 40 miles? There's no way to get into Ferndale without crossing a bridge with cars rushing past you at 40 miles per hour. The buses are like an hour apart from each other so trying to get somewhere is impossible if you don't have a car! Might as well suicide seeing as though the poverty is self-perpetuating and the leadership doesn't give a fuck.... LOL.

It's clear Humboldt is TOO COMFORTABLE and DOESN'T CARE. We need a man who ISN'T COMFORTABLE and DOES CARE. Problem is that once you put the effort.... there's going to be so much resistance... mainly because people are used to their OLD WORLD... so you might as well just move to LA county. At least they have something to lose.... and they AREN'T COMFORTABLE... therefore there's always going to be change.

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Posted by Thomas Thompson on 02/17/2014 at 7:52 PM

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