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A Picture of Corruption? 


Kudos to Thadeus Greenson for staying on the Travis Schneider story ("'Never, ever, ever' Again," Sept. 29). It is understandable that Mr. Schneider wants to be in good standing with his family, but to brush off the "size" and number of his mistakes with, "Life is full of mistakes," is a lot to swallow. This whole story stinks to heaven. It's an example of why many people can't trust their governments. Supposedly there are laws and rules governing how things are to be done, but the individuals in charge make hasty judgments and sign off on issue they should scrutinize. Will the Coastal Commission also fall prey to the same chicanery?

"Money talks" — is the metaphor or the so-called "errors" we see here? How is one to explain the rationalizations of Mr. Bongio? Such egregious disregard for the regulations! What's so ambiguous here?

Walter Pence, Eureka


Congratulations, Supervisor Bohn and Commissioner Bongio. I generally don't get disgusted very easily. But the team of the two of you have succeeded in getting me riled up. The overt racism exhibited by Mr. Bongio ("Supes Censure Embattled Planning Commission Chair, Sept. 22) was bad enough. The irony of Mr. Bohn refusing to remove him from the commission is not lost on us, given Mr. Bohn's history of telling jokes about Mexican thievery. Compounding matters, both men displayed out and out cronyism, first by Mr. Bongio toward the brazen actions of his developer buddy, then by Mr. Bohn, "I can't fire my friend. I'm sorry."

I'm sorry also, Mr. Bohn, that you can't muster the integrity to do your job with honor. This entire boondoggle does nothing if not besmirch the reputation of the county, the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission and those of both men. It paints the county in the light of a banana republic.

Both men should be removed from their positions, if they can't summon the integrity to own up to their outrageous behavior and remove themselves.

Dave Kahan, Redway


I seem to remember that long ago the land at the end of Walker Point was protected in some way and then some time previous to 2013 that somehow unraveled and opened to development. Too bad. Meanwhile, Mr. Schneider sounds like a real smooth talker and many are smitten.

Kathryn Travers, Eureka


"Never, Ever, Ever Again" what?

Improper exemption of the entire project from environmental review?

Road built without permits?

Removal of native plant species within a protected wetland?

Heavy equipment desecration of well-known 100-year-old Indigenous sacred site?

Construction of mansion twice the size permitted and six times larger than the next largest house in the area, in violation of Coastal Commission standards?

Dumping fill 10 times the amount stated in permit?

All treated with tender gloved hands by the Planning Department. "People make mistakes!"

... offering a flagrant contrast with Humboldt city and county treatment of the less fortunate: refusing to provide housing for homeless, causing three to four deaths per month according to Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives, the savagely triumphant eviction of the community behind the Office of Education, claiming sanitation issues, for which no municipal support had ever been provided, and throwing residents' belongings into dumpsters, a gunpoint attempt to evict a decades-old community, on private land in Trinidad in 2014, etc., etc.

The Clinton-era mantra "it's the economy, stupid" is meaningless. Rich and poor live in different universes. It's the culture.

Ellen Taylor, Petrolia

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