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John E. Walker: 1948-2021

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John E. Walker was born on June 28, 1948. He was the smallest baby in the Walker family. He attended Trinidad School Kindergarten-eighth. He was the first class at McKinleyville High that graduated from all four years.

Johnny served in the U.S/Army and later continued in the reserves for a total of 20 years and retired as a veteran. He served two terms in Vietnam, traveled to Korea, Germany and 12 years in Hawaii.
He worked with Fred Lamberson at the Old UIHS until they moved to Arcata. He served on the Gaming Commission for 7 years and in Security until he retired. He loved Bingo, table games and slots. He was a big man with a big heart, but if you didn’t know him, he could scare you to death with his injun stare down.

He fell on Easter Sunday, broke his elbow and soon had complications that led to his passing. The Walker boys have all passed in the last 6 months and are all together in Heaven. They will be missed by friends and family.

The family will be having a Memorial gathering at our cabin on the Klamath River.
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