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January 5, 2006

31 questions for Prophet Mark


(Note: This is an extended version of the interview in the print edition)

photo of Prophet Mark, photo by Pierre GaudeProphet Mark lives in Redway next to the California Highway Patrol office. Once, long ago, he was a newspaper reporter in Indiana. But the 53-year-old has been in this area about 20 years. And one day, as he tells it, down by the Mattole River, he had a vision of the land drying up. After another such vision, he says he had his work cut out for him: to deliver a three-part "test of faith" message to the world. He spends a lot of time on the 'net now, adding poetry to and otherwise fine-tuning his website (

Prophet Mark also has been prophesying for the past year that a tsunami would occur in the Pacific Ocean within the year. In June, he traveled to Santa Maria to spread the word outside the courthouse where the pop star Michael Jackson was on trial.

The year's up, but he says the tsunami could still happen. Soon.

Right: Prophet Mark, photo by Pierre Gaude

1. Who are you?

Prophet Mark.

2. I saw your name, "Mark Joseph Macy," on your website. Is that your birth name?

That's what my name used to be, before God asked me to change my name.

3. When was that?

That's been about two and a half years now.

4. What happened?

Well, throughout my life, when I was younger, I would hear from somebody, but when I would turn I wouldn't see the person where I'd heard the voice coming from. So it seemed to me peculiar, but when I was younger I thought this was happening to everybody.

5. And so two and a half years ago, you realized you were different?

Actually, I began to realize this when I was working in the liquor store in Redway. I had a habit there that anybody that would speak to me while I was with a customer, I would just ask them not to bother me now. I wouldn't even look away to see who was speaking to me. And so then I heard the voice again, and that it was important for Him to get my attention, and He asked me, "Is the promise made then, of no effect now?" He had moved over to the side where nobody stands - it was over by the liquor - and I could clearly see that nobody was standing there, but I could hear the voice. I asked, "What promise?" And He said, "Mark, think back and remember when I saved you when you were drowning in the lake."

6. When was that?

That was when I was about 17 or 18, living in Minnesota.

7. Is that where you grew up?

I grew up in Southern California but I moved away about my senior year of high school to Minnesota.

But, I was drowning in the lake there, and I yelled to God to save me. And I didn't even have a church upbringing, but it was like a reflex action and I yelled for God to save me, and it was just like you were underneath me pushing me up -- like I could feel your arms and shoulders pushing me? And I got my breath, and he not only got me up but he pushed me closer to shore until I could feel the sand and walk in the rest of the way, and then when I got some focus about me I looked around to see who to thank and I went to thank the person who was with me, but he said it wasn't him who saved me. And I looked back at the lake and couldn't see anybody.

My life continued on, but I forgot that. But when he reminded me when I was working at the liquor store that he had saved me when I was drowning in the lake, that made sense to me. I had yelled for God to save me! He did!! [he laughs]. He seriously did. Now he's calling me on the promise that I had made. You know, when I was drowning, I had promised Him, "I'll do anything, just save me!" [he chuckles again]

8. So there you were in the liquor store -

I was at work as a cashier, trying to keep my focus on the money transaction, and not let other things distract me.

9. Then what happened?

Well, He had work for me to do that day, speaking things to various people who were going to be my customers, and then He gave me a foretelling of how He was going to take me out of the world as I know being in it and put me in a place to do work for Him, and then put me back into the world - but it would only be so much, so that I would be doing work for him.

10. So, do you still work at the liquor store?

No. My feet - I had had this problem earlier in my life, where my feet would roll over and I would have to crawl. So, I actually did lose my job at the liquor store.

11. I'd like to talk about your prophecy for this coming year, the tsunami for the Pacific Coast -

It's not coming to California.

12. How do you know it's not coming to California?

God has a hedge of protection up off of our coast right now.

13. What is it, this hedge of protection?

I've asked the scientists and the different marine biologists and geophysicists and different people to try to study what it is. I mean, our Bible says that He can do things like this, and now we know he's actually doing it right now. So I've asked them to go out and study what it is.

14. Why does California get this protection?

Once God asked for this test of faith to begin being delivered, and then the test of faith began being received by the people, God began waiting for a response from the people. He doesn't want the people just swept out to sea in a tsunami and be unable to respond. He's waiting for a response. So he set a hedge of protection.

15. Why would God send a tsunami to the Pacific Coast?

He's not so much sending a tsunami to the Pacific Coast as He is releasing pressure that is beginning to build up inside of our planet. He said that if He didn't begin to release some of it periodically, it would want to go off all at once and it would be more than any of us could bear. So He's beginning to release some of that pressure periodically, like He did in the Indian Ocean.

16. Did you know that one was coming?

He told me. That's the only reason I do these things is 'cause He tells me. He asks me to. He doesn't demand of me to do things. He relies on my faith. And He just supplies me with so much encouragement, that my faith continues to grow. It's so awesome.

17. So your job as a prophet is to tell people -

I'm just the messenger. There was times when He had given me instructions to go to a place, like down by the Michael Jackson trial thing. He directed me to go there.

18. What did you find once you got there?

Oh, it was so awesome. You know, me, I'd be like trying to call the newspaper or trying to put a little ad in the classified pages about getting the word out. [He laughs.] And God's so awesome, He directs me to go there and I don't really understand why. But then when He gets me there - He asks me to have a staff, so I carry a staff with me wherever I go, and when I was down there by Santa Maria, the policemen didn't really want me to have that with me there among all the people. And they're asking me to go put it in my vehicle and come back without it.

And so I explained to the policeman how we both have a similar job. We're both upholding the laws that God gave us to uphold, and we're both trying to help people with that, right? And he understood what I was saying, and I asked him, "Now, knowing that God asked me to have this with me, and asked me to be here, what would you do if a policeman was asking you not to have it with you and be here?"

Well, the policeman got real serious, and he looked at me, and he said, "I would turn that staff into a signpost, just like all these other people have signposts and signs around here. You'd fit right in with a signpost." And so I thought, right, I could put something on here for sure, and I could hold it down here, so I said yeah, that sounds like a good idea, so I went and made a sign about the Pacific Coast tsunami and I put it on there, and I came back. And having that sign attracted the news reporters that had gathered there from around the world, and it just so quickly got the word out around the world.

19. But what are people supposed to do, if they hear this message that a tsunami's coming?

Heed the warning. and they actually have posted signs. Along the Oregon and Washington coasts I've seen many signs, warning of tsunami hazard zone, and giving directions with the signs of what route to take to get away from the tsunami.

20. Do we deserve a tsunami?

I think it's a blessing. If He didn't release it periodically, it would be more than any of us could bear.

21. Even the Indian Ocean one, that killed so many people ?

A blessing. It could be more than any of us could bear. Compare that with a little bit there and a little bit here, and you know, He's awesome, He's got the whole world in his hands. [But] they didn't receive the forewarning in time. And that -- it's hard on me, but I can be a real forgetful person. He'd actually told me about this before that happened, even, but He knew that when that happened it would remind me about the rest of the story.

22. Do you feel this great burden, being the messenger?

It's a concern thing, not a burden, and I have to be cautious with the concern thing, because many times I've noticed that I tend to get overly concerned, and it takes my joy way.

23. You have poetry on your website. Could you recite some for me? Or is that a weird request?

For me it is. Most of my work is in this little computer thing, and I don't have a printer. I'm very lowly when it comes to getting this work done.

24. I see, so you'd have to go online to read it. [Prophet Mark has dial-up]. So how do you support yourself, if I may ask, if you don't work at the liquor store anymore?

I ended up receiving what I could have received a long time ago, an "ability" income -- what our government would call a disability income? But because of God working through me I know it to be an ability income. And I've made use of it, and He's instructed me.

And, normally I would not have a credit card, but He wanted me to have a credit card. He even wanted me to have more than one credit card. And I didn't really understand it, I kind of questioned it, you know. But He let me know -- and it comforted me -- He said if I continue paying the bill when it comes in, pay it in full each time, I could make use of this credit card as a tool. But if I do not pay the bill when it comes in on time like that, that credit card could become a burden.

God knows what's going on here. He wants people to help me, but it's up to people's faith as to whether they will or not.

25. Do you get very many donations?

No. I live very meager. But God said even if they don't help me, I will be able to get the work done.

26. How are people supposed to know that you're a real prophet?

There are different ways that our Bible speaks of. The first way that's most appropriate is to listen, and to watch for the signs. And, the key in this, that our Bible offers, is a promise made in the beginning, and has been kept continually: There is no one allowed to speak, thus says the Lord of Hosts, before delivering a message from God, without it actually being from God. Anyone doing it without it being from God, He has, and will, quickly put a stop to it.

27. The extreme flooding that happens periodically around here -- is that natural, or ?

We get a bunch of rain before the big drought begins.

28. There's a big drought coming?

A drying up of the land, beginning in the West and moving East, as the contentiousness among us continues. I see that scientifically, and geophysically, with the tsunami prophecy and the earth, He creates these changes that could all of a sudden cut off a stream that comes this way and re-route it to go another way where there was no water coming forth from the ground. It's so simple for Him; for us, it's like, we gotta study it and figure it out. But for him, He's got it all under control.

29. What does your wife think of all this? [The Prophet Mark has been married almost 20 years.]

She doesn't hear the voice. She doesn't hear what I hear. But she sees the seriousness that I have in this matter.

Recently, since this began happening to me, I really have changed. [He laughs.] I'd kind of like began to give up, get futilistic even though I knew better, and I was kind of losing hope for a lot of things -- for people, and for circumstances. I was just really getting depressed, and when God brought the second test of faith message, and He told me how I was hearing from Him, he spoke that He was able to see something that was able to enter into to me whenever it wanted to, rob me of joy that God gives me whenever it wants to, and leave from within me whenever it wants to.

That was pretty concerning to me, and then He said there was a spirit of depression in our nation that's like a plague, and it's spreading quickly throughout the world, and that He could give me the cure for my depression in one word, and that if I know the truth -- that was the key word, the truth of that one word, and keep that truth close to my heart and hold it there, that when the spirit of depression again tried to enter into me, it would not be welcome. It would not even get into me. And it works, it works so well. He said that I may share this one-word cure with others --

30. What is the one word?

and it may also be of use to some others, but not for everybody, but that they also would need to know the truth of this one word and also know the truth of this one word and also know to hold it close to their heart and keep it there --

31. What is the one word?

Thus says the Lord -- oh, when I share it, He asks me to speak it in the same manner that He spoke it to me; there's a lingering pause towards the end of the sentence that just had me craving and desiring for that cure even more -- Thus says the Lord of Hosts, the one word that is the cure for your -- [long pause] - depression is "selfish."

And I acknowledged the truth of that word, quick. I'm hearing from God, right? And here He's telling me this word "selfish," and all of a sudden He's moving with the holy spirit in my mind and I'm seeing myself over here wallowing in the corner in my selfish depression, rather than getting out there and doing the work for Him. [He laughs]

So it was a big trip. You know, "Wow, I'm being selfish. I don't wanna be. I'm sorry!" It works, the cure really does work.


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