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Thank you, thank you for the "graphic and dimensional" story on Duane Flatmo and his art (July cover story). As a long-time awestruck fan/spectator of his many creations (moving or not), I truly enjoyed it. Someday I hope to go to Hawaii and see a Flatmo original. Nice job to Jim Hight on actually bringing "color" to black and white pages. I'm off to reread it.

P.S. I danced with joy when I saw your Journal back in Waremart!

Dorothy Trueblood, Trinity County


Editor's note: We are happy to be back at Waremart and Safeway stores, too. We now have bright lavender-and-black Journal distribution boxes at these locations as well as Second and F streets in downtown Eureka.



Thank you for "Attack of the killer dog" (Funny Business, July). I linked to your story on the home page of Lucy, my Pit Bull. She is also a red nose and looks a bit like the dog in the photo! Now if only some folks who DON'T own pit bulldogs can give us some good press. ...Well, it's a start. Bless you, Maka MacKenna!

Laura Heath Seelig



I'm so glad you asked! ("Let me know what you are reading this summer," July Publisher)

I am a school nurse in Eureka and as an end-of-the-year thank you to the teachers I circulate a list of books (and a few videos) that I have enjoyed throughout the year. Along with this list for you I have also included the local AAUW book section's list, as well as a list from the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver which features four floors of books, plus a coffee bar and soft chairs for shoppers!

About the people and experiences of Southeast Asia, I recommend: "When Heaven and Earth Changed Places" by Hyslip; "To Destroy You Is No Loss --The Odyssey of a Cambodian Family" by Teeda Butt Mam/Joan D. Criddle.

About a young woman's experiences with the Indian Child Welfare Act: "The Bean Tree" and "Pigs in Heaven" by Barbara Kingsolver.

About Latin American culture: "The Fourteen Sisters of Emilio Montez O'Brien" by Oscar Hijuelos; "The Mexicans --ÝA Personal Portrait of a People" by Patrick Oster; "Rain of Gold" by Villasenor; "Hunger of Memory" by Richard Rodriquez; "Like Water for Chocolate" by Laura Esquivil; "I, Rigoberta Menchu, an Indian Woman in Guatemala" edited by Elisabeth Burgos-Debray.

About Italy: "The Postman" by Antonio Skarmeta; "An Italian Education" by Tim Parks; "Italian Neighbors" by Tim Parks.

Other good reads: "Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and their Journey" by Isabel Fonseca; "Under a Sickle Moon" by Peregrine Hodson; "A Map of the World" by Jane Hamilton; "Bad Trips," edited by Keath Fraser; "The Size of the World" by Jeff Greenwald.

Have a happy summer with time to read!

Kathleen Zamboni, Arcata



I'm in jail for trespassing on Pacific Lumber's private land. I'm in jail for supporting a tree-sitter on the Timber Harvest Plan 580 in Owl Creek, located in the southern section of the Headwaters complex.

When the grumbling bulldozer came over the hill of Section 5, one of the six planned clearcuts of the area, it was blindly heading for our sitter's tree. The sitter, 65 feet up a douglas fir, blew his whistle like mad in order to stop the bulldozer from plowing him over.

On the ground we freaked out, waving our arms for the driver to stop. The 'dozer pegged a neighboring tree and almost knocked it down before they saw the sitter and ground support. ...

The usual procedures with trespassing is a $29 cite-and-release. [Instead, sheriff's deputies] decided to take me to Eureka and the Humboldt County Jail. They booked me and kept me in the cage for about two hours during a routine parcel and personal information check. I signed the first papers saying "book and release," but in a matter of 30 minutes a new form from the judge came saying that I was a "keeper" and to set my bail at $5,000.

I have no prior record. I'm a Humboldt State University student with a 3.60 GPA, 19 years old and am not "at risk of flight." This is my third day in jail and I am still not on the arraignment calendar -- not even pending. ...

One woman was brought in last night for domestic violence and was released this morning. I must be one bad criminal!

Rosalie E. Jones, County Jail

Editor's note: Jones says she has since been released and has a pretrial hearing set for Aug. 5.

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