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Dec. 2, 2004


The Hum


Bob's in Fresno, but the e-mail never stops...

From: Joel Sonenshein <joel@...>
Subject: Re: Music in December

Hi, Bob ...

I'll be doing the HFS song circle at the Arcata Community Center on Dec. 2 and Dec. 16. The last entry in the Journal was a tad confusing. Could you list it as follows? Also, since the format has changed, maybe you could give me a couple of sentences in "The Hum" to explain.

Event: Song circle - Open Mic
Date: Dec. 2 and Dec. 16
Time: 7-10 p.m.
Place: Arcata Community Center
Sponsors: Humboldt Folklife Society and the City of Arcata
Cost: Free
Contact: Joel at 839-7063

Thanks, Bob. Have a good holiday.


Another from Joel

I forgot to give you the Peter Case info:

Subject: Peter Case returns

Peter Case returns to Arcata on Dec. 10 for a house concert. If any of you missed him his last time through, don't let this one slip by. Peter sold out two shows on successive nights and left us all wowed by his music and laughing at his tales of travels through the decades. Interestingly, his song "Spell of Wheels" was featured this morning on NPR's "Car Talk."
This year marks Peter's coming full circle as a singer-songwriter-guitarist-performer as he celebrates his 50th birthday, his 20th anniversary as a solo artist (some of you may remember Peter's early bands, The Plimsouls and The Nerves) and his 10th anniversary as a Vanguard recording artist. To mark this auspicious year Peter collected 14 of his personal favorite recordings and cut two new ones for his newly released "Who's Gonna Go Your Crooked Mile? Selected Tracks 1994-2004." You can visit his Web site at
Opening the show will be local recording artist Sari Baker. Tickets are $15 and can be reserved by replying to this e-mail or calling me (Joel) at 839-7063. This show will most definitely sell out, and it will sell out fast, so don't dawdle.
Thank you for helping to support our local folk music scene.

Mazzotti Entertainment Presents
Ozomatli At Mazzotti's on the Plaza, Arcata
Dec. 6. Doors open at 9 p.m.; show starts around 10 p.m. Ages 18 and over with ID.

Ozomatli is a phenomenon: a 10-member band with African, Latin, hip-hop and Arab styles mixed into their own trademark blend. Their latest album, Street Signs, features several notable guests: French-Jewish violinists Les Yeux Noir, The Prague Symphony, legendary Latin jazz and salsa pianist Palmieri, Los Lobos singer-guitarist David Hidalgo and drummer Mario Claire, formerly of The Wallflowers. They've headlined Reggae on the River and Earthdance, and now you'll get a more intimate evening at Mazzotti's on the Plaza, Arcata.

Media Contact info:

[photo at right: Ozomatli]

Subject: Greetings From Big Rain at Blue Lake Casino/Arts & Entertainment
Hello Bob Doran, Arts and Entertainment Director- North Coast Journal

Please see information about the next show at Blue Lake Casino-Steelhead Lounge. To listen to tracks from Big Rain's latest album go to Then click on enter and go to bottom of page. Click on weekly chart report. You will see Artist Air Play Reports and click on "I'm Not Running" under Big Rain. You will also see some of the radio stations that are the playing latest single. You can also click on big rain photo on artist page and go to audio samples to hear more of the album.
Thank you so much,
Bruce Guynn/Big Rain

Tara wrote:
Hi Bob - Ian from the Alibi said you might be willing to give us some press. We're playing there Dec. 4. Let us know if we can put you on the guest list.
The Ravens, Shevel Knievel @the alibi <>
Shevel Knievel are a volume-happy trio from Oakland on a search-and-destroy mission to return supercharged guitar tone to your life, just because they know you need it. You didn't think so, did you? Shows you how much smarter they are than you, huh? First and foremost, they are loud: it is apparent that they (rightly) worship Motorhead as gods. Also, they have a sly sense of humor, best typified by "As it is in the beginning so shall it be in the end," their hypno-riff and bouncing bass tribute to Barry Manilow and Freddy Mercury. The intro, an ode to Diamond Dave, demonstrates that they are capable of whipping up a tremendous mountain of earhurt when Jenny Reb sacrifices a foaming, spurting bottle of beer to her bass. Vocals often take a back seat to heavy guitar work, which is a fantastic blend of feedback and rhythm. They give you grinding psychedelic tributes to Sabbath riffs and pure amp-blown riff rock with a huge, chunky sound a delightful equilibrium teasingly flirting with chaos.
Check them out at the Alibi Saturday, Dec. 4
Thanks for your time.

From: [email protected]
Date: Nov. 8, 2004 11:10:54 PM PST
To: femrockr@...
Subject: Tamaras touring now - LA, San Diego, Sacramento, Humboldt & the NW

Hello everyone. &nbsp
If anyone doesn't want to receive e-mails regarding Tamaras, that's OK. Let us know and we will delicately remove you from our precious list of friends with love.
Here's a look at December for Tamaras and her very funky drummer Laura Herbert.
More NW dates will be added.

Thursdays, Dec. 2 and Dec. 9 at noon.
Ramone's Bakery and Café

Friday, Dec. 3 and 4. Time TBA
House Concert
Blue Lake

Friday, Dec. 31 at 9 p.m.
New Year's Eve bash
Manila Community Center
1611 Peninsula Drive, Manila

Come out and show your support for this amazing musician. See Tamaras live; take home her newest release "Ordinary Supergirl" and a T-shirt to accompany it.
Ordinary Supergirl is receiving great reviews and is being played on KHUM 104.3FM, KMUD 91.1 FM and KHSU 90.5 FM in Humboldt, California. Call the request line to hear a song!
Thank you for supporting independent music.

Much love
Universal Love Music


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