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Last Saturday the Journal made the front page of the Times-Standard. "Rumors are flying ... particularly after erroneous information was reported ... in the North Coast Journal," read paragraph three.

Just what was this "erroneous" information and how erroneous was it?
We reported that developer Dan Ollivier's interest in the Daly Building complex had "evaporated" and the Daly deal was "dead." Ollivier himself called to complain, saying he was still interested, he is "staying the course," and escrow is scheduled to close July 15.

We should have said Ollivier's interest is "waning" and, technically the deal is not "dead." How about "moribund"? ("Being in a state of dying; approaching death.")

As we reported, Ollivier made an offer last fall that was accepted by the Humboldt State University Foundation. HSU is very anxious to sell (see definition of "albatross"). However, since the city of Eureka gave HSU a no-interest loan for five years and made HSU sign a promise to develop the Sweasey Theater into a performing arts center, it gets to approve the deal, especially since Ollivier wants to transfer the loan. The city has turned thumbs down. No meetings are taking place. Time is running out. The deal is ... moribund.

I hope T-S readers last Saturday continued to paragraph 23, page 3, where the staff writer quotes an HSU official saying, "... while the offer is still technically in place, it isn't going to go through."

HSU is still meeting with a nonprofit theater group, Ollivier's partner in his last amended offer that the city rejected. Something might come of it.

Interestingly, Ollivier's original offer was prompted by a need for parking for his adjacent remodeled building. Parking in downtown Eureka comes under new scrutiny this week by the Humboldt County Grand Jury. For our report, see in the news.


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