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June 17, 2004




IT'S TIME ONCE AGAIN FOR THE TWO-DAY INDIE MUSIC marathon known as Bummerfest. This year's festival, dubbed "Bummer of Love," June 19 and 20, marks the fourth year Michelle Cable from Panache and the folks from Placebo have assembled an impressive collection of local and touring bands to play downstairs in the Eureka Veteran's Hall. These digital Q&As came in response to a short series of questions sent to bands from out of the area.

Who are you and where are you from?
Sadie Lola and Sarah Reed, The Husbands
[photo at right] -- guitar and vocals (we both do both) and we are from San Francisco.
How would you describe the music your band makes?
The easiest way to describe us is "garage" -- of course nowadays that could mean anything. So, we are loud photo of the Husbandstwo-guitar/no bass '50s and '60s R&R and soul inspired with screamy/singy female vocals.
Why do you do what you do? In this case, you will be traveling hundreds of miles to play for about a half an hour, for pay that probably won't cover the cost of gasoline, with no meal allowance, no free motel, etc. What is it about playing music that makes it worthwhile?
Wow, now that you put it that way ... just kidding. It's sort of just of one of those things I never thought about. Can't imagine it any other way. I would rather be involved in making and performing music than anything I can think of. It's unbelievably fun and you know, the best.

Who? My name is Joel and I play bass in Pink Handgrenade. We are from San Diego/Orange County California.
What? We really try very hard not to put ourselves in certain categories of music, because we love all kinds of different music and we love to play with as many different types of bands as possible. We also think that the "hardcore" music scene kind of sucks.
Why music? The reason we do what we do is that we just love to play music for to tour, we wish we could do it all the time, especially with Kissing Tigers;are a great band from Goleta [Santa Barbara County]. We love those guys. We love the fact that we have madelot of friends on tour, met other bands, heard new bands, met new people, we love to meet fans of our music and just play shows. That is what makes it worthwhile for us.

Who? I am Chadwick von Falkenhayne. I am singer of Ral Partha Vogelbacher. I hail from Munich in Bavaria. I describe my music as necessary result of too much girlfriend and pilsner. I don't fit in fashionable noisy music rock scene, sorry. I do what I do because the forefathers asked of me. I simply play out a blood feud for the elders. I get out of it free pilsner and more girlfriend. I also get out of it free passage to see tall redwood oak trees. Playing music is in itself worth a while.

Who? This is Dave McKay. I play guitar and synthesizer in Kissing Tigers
[photo below left]. I also do all the dishes and most of the dancing. We are from Santa Barbara, CA -- meaning that's the college town we all found ourselves in at the same time, coincidentally, while we were all in college. Coincidentally, we all still are in college, for a few more days photo of Kissing Tigersanyway.
What? Our music is like a "freeze." The guy at the ice cream store in town told me yesterday what a "freeze" is. It's like a "shake," except it's pop instead of milk that's mixed with the ice cream. Apparently you can choose any flavor of ice cream and flavor of pop you want. That's what we do. I don't usually say "pop," but the analogy wouldn't make much sense if I said "soda," would it? We make music that satisfies us, but keeps changing. It's dark and depressing and dangerous because that's the world we live in, and I think art should always reflect the world we're making it in, but it's exciting and energetic and enjoyable because we're young, and that's the way to be when you're young.
Why? There are some more good things about being in an indie rock band that doesn't make money, and most of the time doesn't break even: meeting people. Sure, we're in school in a college town and it's easy enough to meet people, but that will all be over soon and then what? Friendster? No. Playing a show to 15 people in Milwaukee? Yes. I've met some of the most important people in my life through the band. Traveling: How many states have you been to? I've been to 27 in the last year. I should've been to more, but we hit a deer. I plan to make it to all 50 before I'm 25. Have you ever been stuck in Chapel Hill, N.C., unexpectedly for seven days? Sleeping in parks and sneaking into campgrounds. Seeing bands play every night. The absolute best of bands and the absolute worst of bands. Spending weeks on end in a tiny van with four or five of your friends. It sounds like hell, but if you're in a band with the people you're meant to be in a band with, it's the most amazing experience ever. It's a hell of a lot more interesting and cheaper than trying to drive around the country a couple times a year without playing shows. I couldn't imagine not doing this.

Eureka Veteran's Hall -- 10th and H sts.

Saturday, June 19

1 p.m. -- Monster Women
1:30 -- Paris McClusky
2 p.m. -- Caveman
2:15 -- Buffy Swayze
2:45 -- The Mormons
3:15 -- 8-Bit
3:45 -- Foxy Autopsy
4 p.m. -- Condor
4:30 -- Appreciation
5 p.m. -- Shellshag
5:30 -- Telecommunications
5:45 -- The Chantigs
6:15 -- EKA Garbage Co.
6:45 -- The Husbands
7:15 -- Telecommunications
7:30 -- Dragged By Horses
8 p.m. -- Caesura
8:30 -- Z-man
9 p.m. -- Foxy Autopsy
9:15 -- The D.T.'s
9:45 -- Que La Chinga
10:15 -- Tinklepotty

Sunday, June 20

1 p.m. -- Sullivan
1:30 -- Datura Blues
2 p.m. -- Shaking Hands
2:30 -- vs.Stile feat. DJ Rek
2:45 -- Ral Partha Vogelbacher
3:15 -- Thought Riot
3:45 -- Winston Smith
4:15 -- Caveman
4:30 -- The Ian Fays
5 p.m. -- The Mona Reels
5:30 -- Kissing Tigers
6 p.m. -- Telecommunications
6:15 -- The Velvet Teen
6:45 -- Lowlights
7:15 -- Coachwhips
7:45 -- Telecommunications
8 p.m. -- Romantic Retardnation
8:30 -- Ezee-Tiger
9 p.m. -- Pink Handgrenade
9:30 -- E.L.F.S.

Bob Doran



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