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Duane Flatmo hits 20 years of Kinetic Madness
Photo album by Bob Doran

This year's 34th annual Kinetic Sculpture Race marks 20 years
of kinetic madness for Duane Flatmo, an artist whose slightly twisted
graphic sense has become synonymous with the race.
The 2002 Kinetic Sculpture race runs May 25, 26 & 27.
Judging begins Saturday at 10 a.m., race at noon, Arcata Plaza.
Race ends Monday, Main Street Ferndale.

Pencil-shaped kinetic sculpture
(1982) Pencilhead Express, Flatmo's first kinetic entry.
"I had a lot to learn. It sunk in the bay," said Flatmo.
Pencilhead was resurrected the next year and again in 1997
when a 10th anniversary edition was Grand Champion.

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