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Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence


Photo of KEET staff

KEET staff from left, front row:
St. Clair Adams, general manager; Susan Seaman, Ready to Learn coordinator; Karen Barnes, assistant general manager; Amanda Tobin Schleef, director of community relations.
Back row from left, Jan Kraepelien, production manager; Dena baht Fega, master control; Therese Buck, traffic coordinator; Seth Frankel, producer/director; Eli Moulton, master control;
Gina Misch, membership manager and volunteer coordinator; Francine Sobol, membership assistant and receptionist; and Wes Fulton, set designer.

Not pictured: Mark Householter, director of engineering; Monique Belanger, accountant; Kurt Blackburn, master control; Sandra Blackburn, master control; and Paul Nelson, graphics. (Photo by Mark Lufkin)


Photo of early KEET founders

Angelo Franceschi fine tunes the instruments for one of the first KEET broadcasts as,
from left, Mayor Gil Trood, Norman Cissna and Don Telford, general manager, look on.
(Courtesy of KEET TV)

Photo of KEET charter members.

Some of the 50 charter members that gathered to celebrate KEET's anniversary.
From left, front row, Helen Stromberg, Leanne Cissna, Dorothy Portugal, Kathryn Stewart, Dorothy Smith.
Second row, from left, Dan Gurnee, Beverly Allen, Haven Howatt, Marilyn Gurnee, George Allen,
Joan Nilsen, Fred Cranston, Ed Nilsen and Jenny Cranston.

'Spotlight' on KEET Volunteers

Photo of 3 senior volunteersPhoto of senior volunteer


One particularly dedicated group of volunteers the past decaude or so has included (above left) Helen Furber, Opal Cantrell, Rosa Figler, Elnore Maunder (right) and others who have collectively labeled more than one-half million Spotlight program guides. They meet each other once each month at the Eureka Senior Center for coffee and donuts -- and then they get busy. If you drop by to meet them one day, you'll hear the latest jokes and posssibly a political conversation or two. But if you stay long, you'll likely be put to work! Robert Bruce (below) diligently addresses and stuffs envelopes for our membership drives. Our sincerest thanks goes out to all the fine senior colunteers who have helped KEET in its mission.

Photo of senior volunteer



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