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Outstanding shows for introverts and extros alike

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Your taste in music says much about your personality – to which you may respond, "Duh." But science confirms what the average clubgoer may already assume. A study on this matter, by UK-based Heriot-Watt University, is a couple years old but intriguing nonetheless. Find yourself below.

Festival alert!

Folk fans have high self-esteem, are creative, outgoing and at ease

The Humboldt Folklife Fest kicks off Saturday, July 11, continues through the week with nightly themed events, then culminates in the all-day free fest. All the fun happens in Blue Lake. See for the full schedule and associated details.

Reggae fans have high self-esteem, are creative, outgoing, gentle, at ease, and not hardworking

As you may know, Thursday, July 30 through Sunday, Aug. 2 is the 31st anniversary of the one-and-only Reggae On The River near Piercy. Please see for info and your ticket needs – you high self-esteem folks will want to explore the new "Ambassador Pass." And, despite your not-hardworking ways, if you want to make plans to do things in style with an RV, spaces are very limited, so don't delay making arrangements.

Dance fans are creative and outgoing but not gentle

The Trinity River Jamboree near Weaverville features reggae, funk and dance music Friday, Aug. 7 through Sunday, Aug. 9 with nearly 50 live bands and DJs on two stages, 60 local crafters, an interactive kids' zone, yoga/wellness workshops, river floats, a silent disco, field day games and a photo scavenger hunt. You creative, outgoing people will appreciate how TRJ celebrates community building experiences in an idyllic natural setting. Free booth space is available for local nonprofits. Lineup and more info at


Indie fans have low self-esteem, are creative, not hardworking, nor gentle

Pocket Panda, reputed to be the smartest band in Seattle, is on the road in support of its new record, This Arrangement of Molecules. My low self-esteem and I have been listening to it all morning. It's the kind of music that you can put on and think you'll do other things because the songs are soft and unobtrusive, yet you find yourself compelled to listen. Take your creative, lazy self to the Little Red Lion. (This is a good time to remind you that I did not create these genre-personality descriptions; SCIENCE DID.) But even if we listeners aren't hardworking, the members of this band are. Pocket Panda founder Eric Herbig was first immersed in art through ballet at age 4, according to the band's bio, which continues on to say, "His mother dreamt of having her child become a world class dancer, but Herbig resisted and they settled on piano (which, given his infatuation with Seattle's rock scene, soon segued into guitar). Tragically, Herbig's mother would succumb to a rare, fatal neurological disorder. At her funeral a speech was read, in which, as her dying wish, she commanded that he go to graduate school and study molecular biology." And Herbig honored his mother's wishes – but kept playing music at night. After six years and "over 2,000 Craigslist posts," Pocket Panda was created with Jordan, Chris Allen, Mike Waller and David Cho. Please note, they have among them a combined 11 degrees – including Herbig's Ph.D. in molecular biology. Expect the show to start sometime after 9 p.m. and have some cash on hand for the band.


Country and western fans are hardworking and outgoing

I mean, c'mon – this show will be stupid fun. Not that The Bottom Dwellers are stupid – far from it! – but you'll be having so much fun immersed in songs ranging from gritty twang to creepy ballad, your mouth will likely spend the evening permagrinned to the gills. Take a break, you hardworking thing, and get yourself to the Sanctuary, 8 p.m., all ages, $10.

Soul fans have high self-esteem, are creative, outgoing, gentle and at ease

OK, so The Nucleus isn't "soul," exactly, but "funky awesomeness" does not seem to be a researched genre. And I think "creative, outgoing, gentle, and at ease with getting booties shaking on the dance floor" describes the band well enough to work for their fans, too. These guys don't play together much, so here's your chance to get your outgoing self out. Free! Show at 9 p.m. at Jambalaya, 21-and-over. The High Life and Jam Collective also perform.


Rock fans have low self-esteem, are creative, gentle, at ease, and not hard-working, nor outgoing

Rock fans — we get no respect here! Fortunately, sorrows can be joyfully drowned to the fine sounds of A-town rock'n'rollers Nipplepotamus at the Alibi. Music at 11 p.m. and the cover's only $2. Good thing, as you're obviously not working hard enough to earn much. See you over cheap drinks. Oh, and 21-and-over, natch.


Indie fans still have low self-esteem ...

I don't even know who books the Little Red Lion, but whoever this mysterious genius is, he or she is bucking the scientifically based indie fan personality trend. In this case, the Southern-psych flavored Ancient River, whose music I just found myself so lost in that I had to double check and make sure I hadn't accidentally gotten high. Nope, just lounging in the dreamy daze of Keeper of the Dawn. These guys are not small time. The fact you can see them in that tiny, quirky gem of a bar, well, even you deserve that treat; don't let your low self-esteem tell you otherwise. The joint's 21-and-over, obv, and the music should start around 10 p.m. No word on the cover, so load up with some cash and be prepared to buy some merch.

Classical fans have high self-esteem, are creative, introverted and at ease

The Holy Trinity Church of Trinidad turns 141 years old this year and at 3 p.m., in celebration, an ensemble of string and oboe musicians will perform the music of Handel, Bach and Beethoven. Cellist Peter Kibbe of Los Angeles is the featured guest, along with recent-arrival-to-Humboldt, composer and conductor Michael Kibbe, who will world premiere his ode to oboes, Obo-dacious. Local musicians and members of the Eureka Symphony Erika Blackwell, Julie Fulkerson, Sherry Hanson, Don Morris, Kit Morris, Vanessa Kibbe, Ellen Weiss and Kira Weiss complete the ensemble. Call 845-1125 to reserve a seat. A $15 donation is suggested. All ages.


Pop fans have high self-esteem, are hardworking, outgoing and gentle, but are not creative and not at ease

Oh, this isn't really chart pop, but then again, these so-called personality analyses are starting to feel more like fortune cookie readings than the sort of deep examination of our psyches for which we long. (Or maybe that's just me.)

Anyway – this show should be weird and heavy and good with the avant-indie, Boston-based Bent Knee, ambient jamminess of Hendo's Deep Dark Light, and The Fairy Rings, a bunch of dudes that don't own motorbikes and are all like 12 years old (maybe slightly older), but rock out like some kind of background band at a 1960s-version of Sons of Anarchy. At the Siren's Song Tavern. All ages, 9 p.m., no cover as advertised, but bring some cash to throw in the hat.


Full show listings in the Journal's Music and More grid, the Eight Days a Week calendar and online. Bands and promoters, send your gig info, preferably with a high-res photo or two, to [email protected].

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