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Dubstep by MiMOSA

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In the world of electronic music ­- from bass junkies to hip-hop dub enthusiasts to screaming techies -- nothing gets the heart pumping and hands sweating like mentioning a show guaranteed to bring the grime. This doesn't mean the type of audience the show attracts or the amount of psychedelic concoctions that might be floating around the room. It's a sound, one that will rattle the rafters and make your rib cage shake like it was hit with a battering ram, in this case, dubstep.

If you've ever felt the need to have something like a sexual encounter in a mud-filled pool with a temperature of about 105, MiMOSA's show Friday at the Blue Lake Casino might be exactly what you're looking for. His performance style is that good, and the music is that filthy -- in a good way. The MiMOSA show with special guest DJ Ana Sia should make for a tawdry affair.

Dubstep started in London's culturally diverse East End circa 1998 emerging from the experimental garage scene, which took syncopated rhythms and shuffled them in a beat range from around 138 to 142 beats per second. Some artists started using what is called bass wobble to give a single bass note a rhythmic synthesized sound. Almost all of the music at that point used variations of tribal drum patterns from all over the world.

Originally from the Bay Area, now transplanted to Los Angeles, Tigran Mkhitaryan (aka MiMOSA) has been chopping tracks that span the genre leaving critics open to wonder where he falls. He says that's just fine with him. He's played with every big name in the business including The Glitch Mob, Pretty Lights, Flying Lotus and Bassnectar (coming here in May) everywhere from Burning Man to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.

MiMOSA's sound can be as quiet as an ice cube rattling around a crystal goblet or as loud as a 500-pound bomb hitting a drum factory, combining dub step, hip-hop, 2-step, moombahton and downtempo in a way that leaves you thinking it was meant to be.

His new album, Sanctuary, recorded in Brooklyn and released late last year, skips around the genre like an eight-year-old with a jump rope. The track "Tiger Blood" (downloadable at is already an online favorite with heavy, wobbly bass drops and scourging glitch. Then he lets loose on tracks like "Rose Water" with well-timed beats, vibrant keyboard strokes and a more tender bass line. He says he doesn't like to be put in a category and suggests he's "steering away from aggressive tones, but at the same time trying to find different avenues to get the same crowd response that a big bass drop would get."

Coupled together with San Francisco's legendary DJ Ana Sia, Friday's show will be as close as you can get to a sure thing, with or without the mud.

World Famous Productions presents an all ages show featuring MiMOSA and Ana Sia on Friday, April 6, in Blue Lake Casino's Sapphire Palace on the Basscraft Sound system with visual effects by Beams Laser and Lighting Design. Admission is $25; doors at 7 p.m. with music at 7:30. Those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

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