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Feb. 15-31, 2011 

Municipal Code Edition

click to enlarge The city of Blue Lake strictly regulates the exhibition of trained animals.
  • The city of Blue Lake strictly regulates the exhibition of trained animals.

Feb. 15. In either the Heavy Industrial or Agriculture-Exclusive zones of the city of Ferndale, it is permitted to operate a hog farm, turkey farm, fur farm or frog farm. No definition of "frog farm" is given. The children of that city are advised to consider seriously the career of frog farmer and to undertake extracurricular coursework to advance their knowledge of the field.

Feb. 16. The city of Ferndale defines a fur farm as a place at which fur-bearing animals are bred and raised for commercial purposes, such as breeding stock or for the reclamation of pelts.

Feb. 17. Canines residing in or visiting Ferndale are hereby warned that it is legal to kill any dog found in the act of killing, wounding or persistently pursuing or worrying livestock or poultry on land or premises not owned or possessed by the owner of the dog. As poultry are prone to worry, we advise dogs to exercise extreme caution and to approach members of any species of poultry with utmost diplomacy.

Feb. 18. Full moon, 12:36 a.m. On a mystical night such as this, Fortune Tellers and Kindred Persons operating in the city of Ferndale are reminded that if they carry on the business of astrology, palmistry, phrenology, life reading, fortune telling, crystal gazing, hypnotism or any occult science, they must pay a quarterly fee to the city if they charge admission or offer their services for free with purchase of a book or other item. Furthermore, any such person who demands or receives a fee for the practice of exhibition of his business for free must pay for a license, which is well and good, since it may require mystical powers to understand how one might receive a fee for doing something for free.

Feb. 19. It is unlawful for any person in Ferndale to trap, capture, barter, exchange, give or transport a skunk for use as a pet.

Feb. 20. Traveling merchants, hawkers or peddlers who carry a pack and vend goods, wares and merchandise of any kind are hereby notified that they must pay a license of $5 per quarter in the County of Humboldt.

Feb. 21. Every such traveling merchant who uses a wagon with one or more animals for the purpose of vending such goods, wares or merchandise must pay a license of $7.50 per quarter.

Feb. 22. George Washington, whose birthday we celebrate today, ran a merchant mill at Mount Vernon where he ground, or caused to be ground, corn and wheat. The grist mill operates to this day to the amusement of visitors. In the County of Humboldt, there is no fee for operating a grist mill, but the fee for operating a sawmill, shingle mill, lath mill or planing mill, or any other manufacturing plant converting timber or rough lumber into another form is $25.

Feb. 23. Within the county of Humboldt, any bank or person buying or selling notes, bonds, evidence of indebtedness, or buying and selling stocks must, if their business amounts to more than $25,000 per quarter, pay a fee of $15 per quarter. Those doing less business than that must pay a fee of $7.50 per quarter.

Feb. 24. In the city of Blue Lake, every person operating or maintaining a coin-operated electronic or arcade game, pool table, pinball machine or similar device must pay a license tax of $40 per machine per year.

Feb. 25. Birthdate, in 1965, of comedian Carrot Top and his astonishing orange hair. The city of Blue Lake strictly regulates the operation of any carnival, circus, menagerie, acrobatic performance or exhibition of trained animals. All such enterprises must pay a fee of $50 per day plus $10 per day for each and every additional show, attraction or exhibition for which a separate admission charge is made.

Feb. 26. Birthdate, in 1932, of Johnny Cash. If the youth of Fortuna wish to emulate the singer's rebellious ways, they are first warned that persons under the age of 18 residing in Fortuna are prohibited from loitering, loafing, congregating or being present upon any public street, way, square, park, place, building or in any place of business, public dance hall or other place designated for the accommodation of the public from 11 p.m to 5 a.m. For those under the age of 16, the curfew begins at 10 p.m. Exceptions are granted for those minors accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, those traveling to or from a place of employment, or attending a limited number of supervised entertainment events.

Feb. 27. Anyone wishing to ride a skateboard after dark in Fortuna will be legally required to carry a light visible from 300 feet and to wear reflectorized material visible from 500 feet.

Feb. 28. Those wishing to protest the fact that February is an unfairly short month for an almanack-writer are advised that if they carry out their protest in a public place in Fortuna, they may not possess any length of metal, lumber, wood or wood lath unless such object is of wood and is one-fourth inch or less in thickness and two inches or less in width, or, if not generally rectangular in shape, does not exceed three-fourths inch in its thickest dimension.

Feb. 29. Any person who wishes to engage in the selling of second-hand electric irons, bathtubs, patent toilets, sewing machines, spurs, clothing, harnesses, ropes, whips, garden hoses or a number of other such items must first obtain a resolution by the City Council authorizing them to do so and must report daily to the Chief of Police regarding all items sold or purchased, and provide a list of the persons with whom items were bought or sold.

Feb. 30. It is unlawful, in the city of Eureka, for a business to conduct a going-out-of-business or liquidation sale without first obtaining the permission of the Chief of Police and paying a $50 license fee. The following types of sales are covered by the rule: "Adjuster's Sale," "Adjustment Sale," "Administrator's Sale," "Alteration Sale," "Assignee's Sale," "Bankrupt Sale," "Benefit of Administrator's Sale," "Benefit of Trustee's Sale," "Building Coming Down Sale," "Closing Sale," "Closing Out Sale," "Damaged Goods Sale," "End Sale," "Executor's Sale," "Final Days Sale," "Fire Sale," "Forced Out Sale," "Forced Out of Business Sale," "Insolvent Sale," "Last Days Sale," "Lease Expires Sale," "Liquidation Sale," "Loss of Lease Sale," "Mortgage Sale," "Receiver's Sale," "Removal Sale," "Reorganization Sale," "Salvage Sale," "Smoke Sale," "Smoke and Water Sale," "Trustee's Sale," "Quitting Business Sale" or "Wholesale Cleaning Out Sale."

Feb. 31. No person shall operate a self-propelled wheelchair or invalid tricycle within any sidewalk area in the central traffic district of Eureka; provided, however, such vehicles may be so operated by any person who, by reason of physical disability, is otherwise unable to move about as a pedestrian; and provided, further, written permission has been previously obtained from the Police Department.  

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