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Vote Integrity! 


Many in our county are grudgingly going over to Hillary despite her treachery toward Sanders. Others say that since she is a woman, we should support her. However, Hillary has in fact been treacherous to women. She went along with a president as well as a husband who allegedly raped a woman and exploited a young intern, Monica Lewinsky, and allegedly viciously attacked and threatened the women that he sexually abused/slept with.

Trump, when confronted with his crude remarks, apologized to America for those words, but pointed out what the Clintons had done to women. She had the opportunity right there to apologize to those women, who were in the audience, but she didn't.

Clinton is everything Democrats are against in terms of cronyism, "pay-for-play," elitist, a war-monger and in bed with Monsanto, the Pharmaceutical Cartel, the pro-GMO crowd, and many other totally politically incorrect entities. Dems, vote with integrity!

Jean Damon, McKinleyville

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