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Views: Why the RNC is Supporting Roy Moore 

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The Republican Party has no choice but to support Roy Moore for U.S. Senate in Alabama to keep the small majority it has. The whole purpose of a political party is to keep its members in the majority so it should come as no surprise that the GOP is supporting Moore. The accusations against Moore range from 30 to 40 years ago and Moore has won several elections since then. The voters of Alabama have many questions: Why are the allegations against Moore just now coming to the surface? Why won’t the accusers be more transparent with their evidence, such as in the case of the yearbook and the Moore campaign’s requests to have an independent handwriting expert confirm Moore’s handwriting.

The allegations against Moore are very troubling, to say the least, but we must let the will of the people of Alabama reign supreme. The Founding Fathers created a system in which the people of each state vet each candidate and send the person they think will most closely represent them to Washington. If the Founders wanted Washington telling the states whom to elect, the system would look completely different.

Let’s look at the Democrats and their actions over the last three weeks. First, they went into protection mode for Congressman John Conyers (D-Michigan) and Sen. Al Franken (D-Minnesota) and touted their records as politicians and “protectors of women.” Second, they saw an opportunity to preserve their party in a time that they have seen very few victories. The Democrats decided that if they cut loose a few elected members, then they have a higher ground to demand that Roy Moore step down as a candidate and the real target, which is another attempt to remove President Trump from office. Nothing that the Democrats have done gives them a higher moral ground, by demanding Conyers and Franken resign the Democrats give up nothing. Those are safe Democratic seats in Democratic states with Democratic governors who will pick Democratic replacements. They can be taken seriously when they demand one of their senators from a purple or more moderate state step down at the risk of losing a Democratic vote. The main voice behind the movement to demand those accused step down is Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who can be found hugging and following around President Bill Clinton throughout the 2016 election; that is irony.

The Republicans are in a great position with the Moore election. If Moore wins, then the seat stays Republican and, at that point, the president and the party leaders can force him to step down, allowing Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey to appoint a more appealing and ethical Republican senator to fill the seat.

Lastly, these are still just accusations, are we at a point in history when we allow in many cases “nameless accusers” to destroy a person? Let us look back to the Duke University lacrosse team, whose members were accused of rape and their entire lives destroyed and then the accuser later admits the entire story was made up. We need to have a real dialogue in this country regarding sexual harassment and we need to do more to protect women and men from sexual predators, whether they are co-workers, bosses, professors, senators or family members.

If President Trump had not won the 2016 election, then this entire issue would never have been brought to light because of the negative optics it would have presented for a would-be President Hillary Clinton, with First Man Bill hanging around all the White House staff and interns and their main friend and contributor Harvey Weinstein. Just another example of President Trump Making America Great Again by exposing all of the illicit sexual harassment going on within the Democratic Party and Hollywood.

John W Schutt Jr. chairs the Humboldt County Republican Party. He lives in Eureka.

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