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Thanks for the Flashback 


Thanks to Hank Sims for the flashback column on the passing of an early back-to-the-lander ("Town Dandy," Aug. 20). I was moved to reminisce about the "good old days," and, maybe more importantly, to segue in to the passing of a certain Humboldt County vibe which is rapidly passing as well.

The early hippies fit in here because of a disdain for the rat race and a love for the land. It just so happened that most of the "straight" population shared those same values, albeit without the patchouli oil. In short, the Humboldt Nation was a refuge for loggers, fishermen, Indians and old souls who passed up on San Fran and the civlized points south and east to be here, on the land — deer, fishing, gardening, firewood and berries.

Now, the newcomers, like the clones that support them, have much shallower roots, and are basically a slightly hairier version of the monopoly players found all across the land. Straighten the roads, get the word out to the tourists, the illegals, the wannabes hoping to be a bigger fish in this smaller pond than they were wherever they fled. ReBrand Humboldt, my ass.

Death of the Humboldt Nation? That happened a few thousand watts ago, but something has definitely changed, and for those looking hard for an oasis, this one is certainly better than L.A. but not the place it once was, when the impecunious shared the place, and enjoyed their immunity from the monopoly game called America.

Thanks so much for the look back.

Joshua Kinch, Freshwater

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