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Table Nasties 


I wrote a letter a couple of weeks ago about the gentleman who had had a painfully obvious urinary problem ("Ick! Ew!" May 26). I suggested that separate wiping cloths be used for tables and seats in restaurants. Since then I have talked to restaurant employees about this subject. Only one restaurant manager agreed with my suggestion and said she would try to do that at her place. For all the rest, the response I got was that they use a sanitizing liquid for their wiping cloths. The liquid (bleach?) is for killing bacteria and would do nothing to eliminate urine or any other non-bacterial nasty. So now the sanitizing liquid has some urine or other nasties which will be spread to the future tables wiped with the "sanitized" cloths. Urine is not the only problem. People come into restaurants from home, public areas, work (office or factory or stable, etc.). It is inconceivable that the only nasties on their clothes are harmful bacteria that the sanitizing liquid can take care of. I stand by my suggestion that separate cloths be used for wiping tables and seats.

Clifford Bruhn, Eureka


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