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Some Controls Necessary 


First, I don't own a gun nor am I opposed to the ownership of guns (rifles and shotguns) by people who enjoy hunting ("Tipping Point?" Dec. 10). However, I am uneasy and don't understand several things related to guns.

Why is a license not required to own a gun and why is it not required to be registered? I must have a license to fish and have "tags" for both salmon and steelhead and register those tags yearly. I must have a driver's license and every car I own must be registered. Also, many businesses and professionals must have a license, certification or credential. If I travel outside of the U.S. I must have a passport. Years ago, when I reached a certain age, I had to register with the draft board and register with the Social Security Administration.

Should I consider any of this a burden or a limit on my freedom? Not at all, I felt this to be a bargain basement price for living in a democratic country. Second, I don't understand why some people and organizations oppose even background checks, limiting the sale of the so-called "cop killer bullets" or relating the sale of assault weapons. Are they afraid we will be threatened by a herd of charging elk?

Bruce M. Haston, Trinidad

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