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I am a College of the Redwoods student so it should be of no surprise that the cover story "College in Revolt" (April 1) caught my attention. My first issue of concern is with the direction [CR President/Superintendent Jeff] Marsee is moving our beloved community college. Although many people attend CR to then transfer onto HSU, many do not! CR is known for its vocational and community-based classes such as woodworking, construction and agriculture, to name a few, and without them our local community will suffer. It appears Marsee intends on diminishing the validity of our two-year degrees and turning CR into a run-of-the-mill "pump 'em out" transfer school.

Secondly, I turn to the Board of Trustees. We, the community, elected the members of the Board of Trustees to manage the funds of the college and do what is right for our community. A million-dollar shortfall appears to be anything but a responsible use of our funds. Setting aside the validity of the new Southern Humboldt campus being an effective use of Measure Q money, where in the world did our million dollars go and how could that money have possibly been rightfully used? Has the board forgotten that their loyalties should lie to this community (and the staff at CR that care deeply about the delicate balance of our community and CR) and not to some tyrant?

The board needs to wake up; these issues will not just boil over.

Allie Berta, Eureka

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