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Seeing Clearly 


Kimberly Wear has written a chilling article about an out-of control prosecution ("Profoundly Disturbing," Jan. 12).

The rights of the public to be protected and the rights of the public to protect themselves seem to have been confounded.

To make some sense of this we must separate being a public crusader from advancing a personal agenda. As scientists we are warned that use of the term "clearly" is a strong signal that what follows is anything but. Yet in County Counsel Blair Angus' behavior we see actions that are clearly not in the best interests of the target of her efforts.

Despite it being demonstrated multiple times that her actions were misguided, she persisted in placing her own preferences over the "clear" intentions of Dick Magney.

Independent of considerations of wasting tax dollars and clogging up the courts with frivolous suits, we may still ask: What was Angus' intention?

Was she aiming to pursue justice or to sensationalize a situation to promote her position for a judgeship? It really doesn't matter: She has disqualified herself from even holding her present position, even if her superiors insisted she engage in this travesty.

And if she is not to tarnish the entire County Counsel's office, she should resign.

Larry Hourany, McKinleyville


That nutty Professor Levine, what a big softy! Referring to Ms. Angus' rumored desire to replace Judge Watson on our local bench, he says the appellate opinion "in itself may not be disqualifying ... ." Jeepers Professor, what does a lawyer have to do around here to prove she shouldn't be a judge? Murder somebody?

More to the point, what does she have to do to prove she shouldn't be a lawyer, or at least a lawyer we have to pay? In 2015 we paid her 150K, all told. And she's not just a lowly deputy county counsel either; she's THE Assistant County Counsel, Mr. Blanck's right hand ma-a-a-a-a-a- person.

Here's the County Counsel's Mission Statement: "The Office of the County Counsel is committed to providing the highest quality of legal advice, representation and — "wait, go back: "highest quality?" Really? Oh, this must be the part that applies to Ms. Angus: "The Office is committed to providing creative legal assistance...." I guess she was just being, uh, creative. Give that woman a robe and a gavel!

Jamie Flower, Arcata

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