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Schools Held Hostage 



Gov. Brown knows that to pass his tax proposal he can hold education as hostage ("Propping up Schools," Oct. 4). What I would like to read is what cuts our legislators have made in order to respond to our weak economy. This is a government that cannot balance a budget without spending more than it brings in through taxation. So the only choice is to ask for more money and the sure way to do that is threaten to cut education. What about all the positions that were added when the economy was growing?  Were they eliminated as they would be in the business world?  Maybe I'm wrong and just missed that article somewhere.

Mike Slavin, Arcata

Proposition 30 -- "Gov. Brown's baby" in Heidi Walters' parlance in her Oct. 4 cover article, "Propping up Schools" -- has been much on my mind since.

As a public school teacher in Eureka for 25 years, I have been very pleased to spend my last two Saturdays walking neighborhoods downtown, east of 101, talking with residents about it and another momentous ballot measure of a different stripe, and hearing from so many their clear recognition of how important public education is to their children's, and our nation's, future prosperity and democracy.

I sincerely hope your readers will add their own up and down votes this coming Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6 on two initiatives on this year's ballot which will impact the future of public education, working people, and the bright future for California we all want.
Voting yes on Prop. 30 will prevent a further $6 billion in cuts to schools and colleges. (That would be on top of the $20 billion they've already been cut over the last four years.)
Voting no on Prop. 32 will put a stop to a fraudulent measure which aims to silence the voices of teachers and other public employees while creating special exemptions that give even more power to Super PACs, corporate special interests, and the billionaires backing it.

Steve Catton, Arcata

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