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I have lived in Humboldt County for 37 years and I have known Mr. Blaze Boyle both as a friend and employer for about 20 years ("Masterpiece," June 8). He is a widely skilled tradesman who has never shown, in all my extensive time associating with him, any belligerent attitudes toward police or anyone else. I simply do not believe the police version and I am outraged that the police would bully and collude to present this account of Mr. Boyle resisting arrest.

Police habitually use such an accusation as their default response when they over use force on someone innocent. If the police and the DA press forward with such charges and mistreat a peaceful, valuable member of the community, it means a loss of respect for for them in my eyes.

The resisting arrest charge is the go-to tactic of police when there is no case because they made a mistake with excessive force. Blaze does not deserve to be treated this way. The police need to be held to account. In a situation like this, they close ranks and lie to cover for their wrong behavior. This is a threat to our community when a good person becomes a scapegoat for cops who made a mistake.

Sam Neuwirth, Bayside

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