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Regarding the letter from Emily Hobelmann (“Mailbox,” Feb. 4): I’m always amused when someone thinks that violence will cease when guns are outlawed, as if guns were the problem.

Saying guns kill people is the same as saying pencils misspell words.

Bill Connors, Eureka


Emily Hobelmann was understandably upset about her friend Courtney Weaver being shot in the face close range by her boyfriend. Who wouldn’t be? And it is natural to want to point the finger of blame toward handguns, as that is the weapon that was used against Ms. Weaver.

Hobelmann goes on to say that there is no valid reason for citizens to own or use handguns or even hunting rifles. She lives in Hawaii. I suspect she was born after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Following that attack, I am certain the islanders did not protect their island by throwing pineapples at the Japanese Navy.

Here in Humboldt most people do own guns and eat meat. Good meat costs a lot of money. Why should anyone buy it at the store when deer, bears, elk, raccoon, ducks and squirrels are plentiful? With so many people unemployed lots of folks are loading up and heading for a hunting blind. A freezer full of bear can feed a family for six months — or a year, if your kids are small.

Hobelmann wants a peaceful, nonviolent world. There has been no such place since Adam and Eve left Eden. Much of the world is remarkably violent. Think Oklahoma City. Even Hawaii has more than its share of violent crime. Before guns there were swords, slings and crossbows. Ms. Weaver survived the slugs. I am not sure she would have survived multiple stab wounds or strangulation. Abusive boyfriends are the world’s third oldest profession.

With all due respect to Ms. Hobelmann, I submit that if every citizen, excepting ex-felons, the mentally ill and most attorneys, had a legal obligation to carry a firearm, that violent crimes would decrease dramatically and that we would suddenly have a very polite society!

Bill Quinn, McKinleyville


Emily Hobelmann may not think much of guns, but when I lived in Arcata and someone tried to break in my house when I was there, and it took the sheriff’s office about 20 minutes to get there, what would Emily have had me use if the door hadn’t held? Harsh language?

Hey Em, cars kill more people than guns. Got one of those?

Andrew Isaac, Arcata

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