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No on Q! (Yes on R) 

Efficiency and effectiveness of operations are not enhanced by merging multifaceted departments into one and then adding a figurehead to oversee those operations.

Employees of the Auditor-Controller and Treasurer-Tax Collector departments provide critical checks and balances between the two departments to prevent fraud. If these departments are merged, then that fraud prevention firewall will be removed so new transaction auditing procedures will need to be developed.

The bottom line is this proposed merger would create another layer of management at the top of the food chain versus adding staff where the rubber meets the road. Is that efficient? I think not. And ... per the public record, no cost savings are projected to be achieved by combining these two departments. So why do it?

Therefore, as your sitting treasurer-tax collector, I recommend everyone vote NO on Q. (But yes on R so autonomy is maintained.)

John Bartholomew, Blue Lake

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