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New Sources Needed 


It would appear that the NCJ views Craig Tucker as their go-to guy on KBRA issues. Tucker has long been the KBRA's chief apologist and fan. He has never missed an opportunity to sell the KBRA to anyone who would listen and, to hear him tell it, the KBRA can do no wrong. That it takes Native American water rights away and grants large water rights to those who have been dubbed "the water elite" (agricultural and cattle interests) seems to escape Tucker. He will simply deny the truth of that fact.

Tucker, who works for the Karuk Tribe, says the tribe will be working with PacifiCorp and describes the company as a "willing partner." His willing partner is just now finalizing an application to re-certify the dams. PacifiCorp has done everything it can to get out of paying for the cost of removal of those old dams, including collecting money from its customers for that purpose and getting the state of California to donate $250 million, but it is making no moves to take the dams down. Willing partners? I think not. PacifiCorp has made it clear that it will do nothing unless forced to act.

Tucker's conviction that there will be "acrimonious conflicts" will depend entirely on how things are handled. The bottom line is that the NCJ needs to seek sources on this issue other than Craig Tucker. Find knowledgeable people who do not have a dog in this fight. I would suggest Felice Pace in Klamath Glen who has been a prime player for many years and has a blog called KlamBlog. He has just recently published an excellent suggested solution that avoids loss of native water rights, creates a healthy river with healthy fish and avoids the acrimony Tucker sees as inevitable.

Sylvia De Rooy, Eureka

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