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Morning Irritations 


I read two very irritating articles this a.m.

"Looking Out for the Little Guy" (Dec. 7) is so frustrating. Since the 1970s, the small farmer has been taking all the risks; targeted relentlessly by CAMP, facing serious jail time and loss of property and much more. While not excepted as an acceptable source of financial support to our business community for all these years, it was huge, huge, huge!!! Now the way has been safely paved by these small farmers ... by their very literal blood, sweat and tears ... your correctly coined 'Monsanto group', California Cannabis Industry Association, is muscling in on our territory. I say our territory because this is my home ... I am not and have never been a grower. I am very disgusted with the scene as it plays out currently. The greed and degradation to the environment and wildlife is unbelievable and painful to me.

Then there was the piece on HSU and saving football ("Boosters Connect on Hail Mary, Save HSU Football," Dec. 7) ... Courtemanche and her boosters work a miracle in a very short time only to encounter negative pushback from HSU. Someone(s) says "go for it," Craig Wruck, VP University Advancement (????) is critical, but probably willing to keep whatever funds get raised anyway. The university won't even balance spreadsheets, sans donor names, with boosters working toward a goal shared by all. I can see why the community is wary of that big institution on the hill. Aloof and unappreciative. Sad representation where a guiding light should be shared and shine bright.

I hope reason will triumph ... given the attitudes flourishing nowadays, that hope trembles like a freezing, abused stray animal.

Kathryn Travers, Eureka

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