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I was jazzed to see the "Town Dandy" piece (May 20). The suggestion by Hank Sims is something that occurred to me recently, not because I have ever stayed at one of the McMenamins establishments, but because I really, really want to. I know people who have gone north for that very purpose, and stayed not at one but three different places, and raved about all of it. And they are not the only ones.

The idea of a Hilton or something in that niche makes me cringe. The Eureka Inn is too special for that. The McMenamins association would be an energized match and an added draw for tourists.

I am so excited that Sims has voiced this wonderful, life-infusing idea.

Kathy Travers, Eureka



I dragged my husband to see "Oceans" on the basis of your brief summary of "stunning images of odd creatures that inhabit the deep" ("Filmland, May 20). But I was really disappointed to see not a single minute devoted to any really deep-sea creatures such as ratfish, spooky octopoids, smokers or deep-sea corals. Although I saw a few things I had never seen before, such as a stonefish eating, I think the film missed by sticking entirely to the shallows something I should have expected, I guess, from Disney.

Thanks, though, for publishing the movie schedules.

Barbara Kelly, McKinleyville


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