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Lying for Dollars 


I am writing to expose ongoing fraud concerning Propositions 16 and 17 ("Mad Props," May 20 & 27).

I'm not referring to PG&E's Prop. 17, which masquerades as a taxpayer's rights initiative and is built on the notion that we can't govern ourselves without PG&E requiring a supermajority to challenge their monopoly, or Mercury Insurance's attempted end-run around a previously passed voter initiative. I'm talking about the flyer I received in the mail with photos of prominent Democrats next to a picture of an American eagle emblazoned with "voter information guide for Democrats" in bold red letters. The entire brochure appears to be a Democratic voter guide, whereas it is actually an intentionally deceptive paid advertisement for Props. 16 and 17. The publishers are a shady organization that prints fraudulent "voter guides" for Democrats, Independents, etc. to further the deceitful designs of their high-paying clients.

The sole purpose of this flyer is to deceive and confuse people by inserting yes on Props. 16 and 17 propaganda into an otherwise straightforward-looking Democratic voter's guide. Neither the Democratic Party nor any of their candidates support these propositions. If you have to lie to and deceive me to get my vote, I know you're not operating in my best interest.

This is about large corporations attempting to hijack the already troubled initiative process and turn it into a bully pulpit for special interests with lots of money, resources and power. Whatever your political affiliation just say no to attempts to defraud the public. Vote no on Props 16 and 17.

Michael Poprawa, Eureka


Ed. note: As Poprawa notes, the same shady flyers are sent out to members of each political party, and the hucksters behind them do the same thing in every single big election season. Beware.


Sweet Spot: Michael Poprawa wins a Bon Boniere sundae for sending our favorite letter of the week.



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