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Heil Bowles? 


It is outrageous and vile that this publication would dedicate precious space to an openly racist political party candidate as if he were worthy of serious consideration (“Alt-Prez,” Aug. 28). You’re putting a candidate who desires the deportation of all non-whites and abortion of all mixed-race pregnancies on the same level as Cynthia McKinney or Steve Kissing?!

At first I assumed there would be some sarcastic comments ridiculing John Taylor Bowles/National Socialist Order of America, but instead I see “You can send contributions and/or get-well cards to the NSOA and they’ll make sure that Herr Bowles gets them.” Seriously, WTF!? This bullshit would never be tolerated in communities that were not vastly majority white. This makes me question who the hell runs this rag.

I’d better see some kind of explanation/apology in the next issue.

— Noelle Andrade, Arcata

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