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Guns Keep Us Safe 


I was disappointed to read your gun issue. All four articles failed to report the main reason why most Americans own guns. In fact, what I got from John Bennett's article was that he has some "mystical romance" with guns, an "indulgence in boyhood fantasy and fetishistic gear worship." Good grief!  Setting aside the gun owners who hunt (our Second Amendment wasn't designed for hunting), most Americans buy guns for one purpose only, protection. An AR-15 (AR does not stand for assault rifle) is a civilian firearm that allows one shot per trigger pull. Firearms for use by military such as the M-16 are able to shoot continuously with one pull of the trigger and are illegal to own.

Our Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment because they understood that humans are flawed. There will always be those among us who would stop at nothing to control others or take from them, including a tyrannical government. Being able to defend oneself, one's family and home is our fundamental right.

What we are seeing is ideology in collision with reality. The recent mass shootings were all in places that were "gun free zones." The theater in Colorado was the only theater out of seven in the near vicinity of the shooter with "no firearms allowed" posted outside. Ditto, for the other mass shootings. They were all in "gun free zones."

The police cannot be omnipresent! Personally, I feel safer if I know there is an individual with a concealed carry permit at a function, because I know that in an emergency they will jump in to protect me. By the way, wasn't it the N.C. Journal that published names of individuals who had carry permits?  I viewed that as irresponsible and malicious, since those people are all law abiding citizens.

Terry Roberts, McKinleyville

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