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I was extremely disappointed by the way Zach St. George covered Annette De Modena, candidate for 1st District supervisor ("District Soup," May 10). As a teacher and a person, she was trivialized and her candidacy minimized. This is an intelligent woman who has served her community well as a teacher at Zane Junior High for 24 of her 28 years of teaching, making a difference in students' lives. Always going above and beyond, she provided leadership and service beyond the classroom while working for Eureka City Schools. She is more than the afterthought you represented her to be. In fact, Ms. De Modena won the Humboldt County Office of Education Excellence in Teaching Award, which you also failed to mention. She is the most qualified for many reasons not mentioned in your article.

Even after an interview in her office, Zach St. George couldn't even offer the correct address of her office. This interview, coupled with several phone calls to her afterward, and the ability to refer to her brochure for more information, still produced an article reeking of poor journalism.  Where is mention of her work with Prosperity 2012 and economic development and jobs in Humboldt County? What are her policies in regard to affordable housing? Public safety? The wind turbine situation in Ferndale and Petrolia?

De Modena is far more than you have represented her to be and far more qualified to be the next District 1 supervisor. You need to offer her a rewrite, and before the election.

Lupe Becerra Barrett, Eureka


The recent Journal article on supervisors' salaries ("Super Pay," May 3) was enlightening. I learned a lot about the pay, and the lack of expense accounts, which I feel makes their salaries, in reality, much lower than they appear considering the hours put in, the traveling, and personal expenditures required to keep up with the pace of the job. The salaries are in line with the job. Rural counties the size of Humboldt require a lot of extra travel and expense to keep in touch with ongoing issues, constituents and meetings.

I am voting for the candidate most qualified to be an effective supervisor under these conditions. She is very qualified to address the varied and many issues facing this county today, and well-acquainted with the uniqueness of this very large, rural county.
Cheryl Seidner's many years as a tribal chair and her even longer years at Humboldt State University have given her the experience required. Being a chairperson of a large organization is a learning experience and brings administrative skills. These skills require in-depth knowledge of salary structure at all levels.

I met Cheryl recently at a fundraiser and I felt her sincerity and ability to connect with people. I know the slogan "People First" will always be the priority with this candidate.
I am voting for the person with the best experience in: administration, communication, community building, decision making, mediation, problem solving, planning for the future, and "playing well with others."

I believe Cheryl Seidner has all these qualities and many more.

Jessie Wheeler, Eureka


As a horse owner and member of the equestrian community, I too strongly support Mark Lovelace for 3rd District supervisor ("Likin' Lovelace," May 24).
Mark has long been an effective advocate for multi-user trails for hikers, bikers and equestrians. Beyond being a supporter, Mark has shown that he knows how to do the hard work to actually get things done.

Mark worked for years to save the Sunny Brae Forest, which now anchors the Arcata Ridge Trail.  He put in literally thousands of hours of his time to make that happen, working with a long list of state and federal agencies. He also established the Arcata Forest Fund, which raised $100,000 to help leverage over $2.6 million for the purchase. Since then, he has worked with the City of Arcata every step of the way to acquire other properties and easements to complete the 3.8-mile Ridge Trail. It's fair to say that without Mark the Arcata Ridge Trail would never have been possible.

Complex projects like trails require building strong, collaborative working relationships with landowners, agencies and different user groups. Over the years Mark has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to work with diverse interests in a respectful and constructive manner. His long list of accomplishments in office attests to his effectiveness.
I encourage all trail supporters to re-elect Mark Lovelace for 3rd District supervisor.

Cat Koshkin, McKinleyville

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