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Charlie's Biases 


In a recent movie review, Charlie Myers complained that he was being criticized for the fact that he isn’t enjoying the spate of dorky “guy movies” which he’s seen lately (and for what it’s worth, I agree with him — yuck!).

The comment made me realize what I like best about Charlie and why his movie reviews are the first thing I read in the Journal weekly. Charlie always states his biases up front, bless him!

I worked with critics for a couple of decades, and then I did a stint as one myself, and I believe Charlie is the first one I’ve encountered who is so honorably up front about his prejudices. His style makes it easy for his readers to recognize when he’s ranting about something they’ll love, and act accordingly.

I think that being criticized is an inevitable hazard of your profession, Charlie, but I hope you get an equal amount of praise for how you ply your trade!

Faith Freewoman, Trinidad

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